X’Mas 2009 at Elves Lab

It started with boss giving us a choice on where to eat for our X’Mas lunch. We wanted to eat at some Japanese buffet place, but it turns out to be not a halal place, so ended up choosing other places but it turns out that Elves Lab had been there before (although 90% of us weren’t here at that time 😛 ), so in the end I just randomly picked Fish & Co. and everyone was ok with it. haha.

Then, Faizal was sick on X’Mas eve. It seems to be a bad “tradition” (last year was Ai Nee).

We all squeezed in boss’ Integra. Poor Melvin was squashed by 3 of us and he was so tired he fell asleep in the car.

I’d thought that The Glasshouse will be jam packed since it was X’Mas Eve, but it was only about 80% filled! We manage to get seats and here’s what we did with 2 DSLRs (Jmin’s Nikon D40 and boss’s Canon 500D): *pics below are from Canon 500D mostly taken by me but some from Boss and his gf

Sherry, Melvin and Kenneth (intern, who doesn’t smile often)

Best salmon I ever had in a while. the sauce makes me drool.

I’d almost touched the food with the lens to achieve the pic. Haha. need more practice though.

Sherry’s Fish and Chips.

One of my favourite pic because I got to take a rare image. Haha. It’s rare to see/hear Kenneth talk or even smile. Both are captured in here.



Everyone with the gift that we’d exchanged.

My posture is bad!

Went off after that to West Coast park with Huzz and there were loads of families picnicking and playing with sparklers that it got blurry and smoky watching them. Haha.

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