When you get drunk…

… and no one cares about you, you know it’s sad. XD Hahahaha!

Yesterday, the whole group of us went to this Porridge steamboat restaurant as recommended by Mr Ling and Ms Chua near our place. After that, we walked to this beautiful place just on the other side of our apartment and there were a whole row of bars. Wow! So after that, Huzz and I took a walk and went home. The rest of them went to a bar.

They came home around 11pm and knocked on the door. Madeline and I went to open the door and my twin said, “Hwa Swee is drunk.” So I looked behind him and saw a “drunk” TPYS leaning on Teck Hwee. Ookay. In my mind I was thinking, “He’s drunk? That bad meh?” It was none of Madeline and my biz anyway, so we went back to our respective rooms to continue what we were doing. haha. And no one cared about that “drunk” guy.

It was all fake. -_-” Lol. And this is really sad. Imagine TPYS really being drunk and no one caring about it. Hahaha.

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