Haha.. Another thing in my wishlist fufilled… 😛

Anyway, I went for YCF HQ 3 yesterday. It was really good except for the fact that if you were at HQ 1 and 2, you’ll realise that its very similar to HQ 2. =X Though honestly, I really enjoyed HQ 1’s performance. Haha. Saw Boon Han, Carine, Beatrice, Hui Ling (SWE) and Yi Lian. The last 3 were there as logistics. So fun. I also saw the uncle who is in charge of the mics and all for all the YCF. He came over and chatted with me. He’s a really cool person with all the tattoos and all. haha. Rock on!

WMC results for NYP : Gold. Marks awarded : 86.92.
Congratulations people! 😀

Business communication ICA later. Must do a speech. haha.. My feet hurts sia… New shoes and all..

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