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Met up with Tommy yesterday for dinner after he came back from US.
We talked about many things, and there was one thing that I hadn’t noticed myself subconsciously saying after her pointed it out:

“Why are you always emphasizing on free gigs?”

He went on to say that it’s a sad thing that most Singaporeans won’t want to pay to watch good music or support people doing the arts. Most of the time, our mindset is that if we don’t earn money from it, we don’t do it. Or how we are going to earn money if we’re doing music or anything related to the arts.

I guess I don’t realise it but it’s true. Most of the people I know don’t turn up for shows unless they don’t have to pay for it. Or they would rather support others than their friends. Or people would ask for free or discounted tickets. It’s quite sad isn’t it. Only a few would kindly pay however much they can to support. And I’m not just talking about one band, but in general. I’m not well experienced in the local scene, but yea, I guess our mentality should change. Heck, people don’t even support the local bands most of the time who open for others. They’ll just get boo-ed off stage or something.

No wonder people go away to do what they want. It’s not even about the non-governmental support. It’s about the people.

Treasure is chosen because it has been ringing in my head since the topic on Bruno Mars came up yesterday. lol

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