These few days…

Badminton again yesterday! Though I played without any breakfast and hence played horribly. :-/

This morning, while I was hand-washing my clothes, I suddenly felt a sharp pain at my lower back, near the waist area. 🙁 It was horribly pain and the pain is still there right now. I need medicated plaster!! 🙁 🙁

Exactly 2 weeks before I return to SG. More shopping this saturday though I doubt I’ll be buying much. Hopefully will be able to get a few percussion stuff (hopefully) after I saw a music store at Chun Xi Road when we were all walking to the main road to take cab. I’m left with like RMB$150 to buy stuff. Oh well.

Went to Peter’s again yesterday, and got their T-shirt for RMB$50 (SGD$10).

So anyway, on the way back, the group of us walked past this boutique where there was a television set showing a fashion show. Just at the moment when a few of us turned to look at it, there’s this model who sort of flashed her breasts. -_-” What a weird fashion show.

Not sure why but I’m feeling quite tired today despite sleeping earlier than usual and the nap I had yesterday afternoon.

Updated the birthday entry with pictures and all. 😀 Enjoy!

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