The past 6 days.

Finally I can come online. Stupid virus!!! Till now, I am not sure what that virus is. It was suspected to be the Welchia virus but the Symantec anti-virus software didn’t detect it.

So… since more of our friends came, I have been feeling really happy and “high” that I have problems sleeping at night. The first night they came, I made myself “high” (so that everyone will not feel like it’s boring to clean up the place and all) until I woke up around 2.30am, and ended up watching soccer with Twin dragon, Edmund, LiYing, Mike and Huzz. Ended up sleeping at 5.30 (I think; can’t remember). 🙂

Then on the third night, I slept at 6.30am. =X

Seriously, I don’t regret any of the late nights. In fact, I would choose to even sleep in the living room if possible. Honest. But well, sometimes, we don’t get to do things that we want to.

Spent a lot on food recently. Went to this Japanese Restaurant on Friday I think, then on saturday, Jia Hui, Swee, Henry and I to Pizza Hut after cleaning the house and buying stuff for the house (like the bathroom shower head, floor mat, pillows, shampoo, etc). It was quite amusing how we found that Pizza Hut anyway. We told the taxi driver the address for another place, and then on the way there, we saw a Pizza Hut and told the driver to stop. Lol. But well, found a new place in Chengdu to go to anyway. 🙂

Sometimes I don’t really feel like I’m in China. At first, maybe yes, but now, I don’t feel any difference. It’s really like living with friends, somewhere far away from home (which it is anyway; what am I talking about?!)… But well, that’s how I feel.

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