The Buddha, Geoff and Me – after thoughts of the book.

Just finished The Buddha, Geoff and Me and I feel this immense sense of happiness and relief that I’ve finished the book and the concepts and philosophies that I have encountered before but never really thought much about it.

It’s like waking up in a way, to a new day and strengthening my faith again. =) It’s a really good book I’d say. I’m more prepared to face obstacles and challenges now. Coz though this book, I’ve realised that I’m actually quite a scaredy-cat that do not react well to things that I am unsure of.

When I’m unsure of other people’s reaction to my choice, I’ll choose not to make a choice and let them decide. (that’s why I’m indecisive)
When I’m unsure of what other people think of me, I’ll choose not to speak.
When I’m unsure of how the situation or place will be like, I’ll choose not to go.

But then now I realised that it’s all because of my freaking imagination that’s controlling me. I must say that since strengthening my faith back in 2004 and doing proper prayer and all, I’ve removed quite a lot of these scary imagination that had got hold of me but left with the above 3 fears. I’m determined to remove these nonsense and improve myself. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I am going to be selfish and not care about what others think, but I shall use wisdom, courage and compassion to make better decisions so that it will be a win-win situation for me and everyone else.

And I shall end today’s entry with this quote from the book that I really really like:

“We want to know how other people’s story turns out because we want to know how our story will turn out.”

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