Finally had the cyst removal surgery done! It was a frightening experience (lol), but at least now it’s over! Whew!

I was like staring at the nurse and doctor to see the preparations for the surgery and the nurse was like,”Erm, I think you have to close your eyes because of the radiation we’re going to use later.” So ok lor. haiz. I hate not knowing what’s happening. The doctor gave me anethestic jabs around the cyst area. He told me it was going to hurt but I didn’t mind injections much. Haha. P6 BCG jabs, I was staring at how the solution went into my arm. lol. Quite annoying though, plus minus 8 jabs if not wrong. Then after that, dunno what happened. Haha. Kept chanting to myself to past time and stop myself from shaking. Haha. Time past quickly lor. I sort of felt the doctor sewing up the incision. Kind of weird feeling. Haha. Then he covered the whole thing with gauze, cotton and this waterproof thing.

I must have looked weird when I opened my eyes coz the doctor asked if I’m ok. Haha. Almost fell asleep la. Haiz. Lie on my side for half-an-hour. I want to see you try. He told me when to change the stuff and all, then mum paid up and we left.

It kind of got painful as I was walking home. Though now it doesn’t hurt much until I accidentally touch it. :-/

Spent my day fixing a snoopy jigsaw puzzle, learning Macromedia Flash (my sis taught me) and sleeping. Haha.

One More Chance wasn’t bad, but it was predictable. You know what’s going to happen next. But overall, wasn’t bad.

Went to Toys’R’Us with my mum after that. Haven’t stepped into one for YEARS! Kind of nice to be in there again. Saw these Sea Monkeys things. My childhood. Haha. Last time wasn’t that ex though. Used to have one but didn’t really grow lor. Hmph.

Got to go! Watch LOST!

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