SSA’s 2010 General Meeting cum SGI’s 80th Anniversary Celebrations

So, I guess the YCF this year was replaced with a SYM as well as this: the 80th Anniversary Celebrations of SSA in Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS). It was a SSA members-only event and you had to go for at least 2 discussion meetings in order to get the ticket for this event.

SD and FD members were also involved in this, for the youth dance, youth cheer as well as the RHQ cheers. I didn’t attend any of the trainings as I was to be involved in this celebrations with SNCO 🙂

It felt as though this was a YCF itself. And I really missed this whole “big family” feeling with the other SSA members.

We first had our major combined rehearsal on the 19th December at SSA HQ. And that was where I realised who will be performing with us.

That day was pretty fun actually. 🙂 I’d brought 90 to take pictures. Here are some of them. The rest are on my facebook:

*note: This is going to be a photographs intensive post

Singing is their passion.

And when we were on stage getting ready, I heard this drums sound coming from somewhere and I turned and saw…


I haven’t seen him in ages, and only heard from him a few months ago when I contacted him to catch up with him. He’s really funny, and I really miss those times in SWE when he was still a percussionist with us. He’s with the Red Band now. And I got to meet his student that day too. I didn’t know who he was but I thought he should be around my age from how he was dressed and he didn’t really smile. lol.

RCO Bassists.

Kenneth and Audrey.


The rest of them

Kenneth, Audrey and Kat. I forgot what they were laughing about.

It happened to be Meow Ling’s birthday the next day (20th Dec) and so we had a small celebration for her.

24 Dec
We had a rehearsal on Christmas Eve. I went down there straight after work, and met up with Audrey to go there. Huzz was there and he walked me there to SIS and then went back. He’s just an awesome guy la. Even 5 minutes with me he also don’t mind. :))

So we went around playing with cameras mainly, and played twice only I believe.
I didn’t bring 90, so used my Nokia phone’s camera to take pictures.

Oh ya Jiu Jian, Jeff Wang, Zhu Yong Qin and Ye Li Mei were to be the celebrity hosts for the pre-show segment. Jeff Wang specially flew in for this event and the rehearsal! Wow!

And Jeff Wang looks really really good in person. Not kidding. I just cannot believe my luck to be able to see him! In fact, for some reason, I started behaving like a typical fan after seeing him lol.

Red band.

I don’t really remember a lot of things but just that at the finale, Audrey and I were almost the last 2 to go on the stage and we happened to stand in front of uncle Jack’s student. We turned to watch him play (we were at the back anyway, so no one could see us) coz as percussionists and as friends of Uncle Jack, I felt that the electronic drum pad thingy was quite interesting. And Uncle Jack’s student was quite good actually. He looked up and saw us watching him, and Audrey and I gave him a smile, and he smiled back (I’m telling this coz not because he smiled back or whatnot but because of what was going to happen next). He lost count of where he was playing at, and for like 2 seconds, stared at the drum pad and started laughing to himself. LOL! I thought that was pretty funny. lol!

I told Audrey, and we decided to disturb him the next day.

Some of them wanted to have supper at Kallang Leisure Park’s Mac around 10.30pm, but Audrey and I were like “But it’s so late!!!” As we are among the youngest in SNCO, many of them went, “Wah how old are you both? We don’t find it late but you both find it late?” haha. Well, we had to be there at Indoor Stadium at 8.30am! So we didn’t go.

25 Dec
Was to meet Audrey at 7.45am at Kovan MRT station but we were both late. We were to meet Kenneth at 7.50am at Serangoon MRT station but he ended up heading to Stadium first.

Met a few other SSA members on the train including Weilun and Siow Siong. 🙂

And it was soundcheck, and more waiting (and taking pictures time). The first show was to be at 2pm.
Some pictures are courtesy from Kenneth and his iPhone!

Me and Kenneth.

We had a mini gift exchange. haha. I got Kat’s gift (a cup), Kat got Audrey’s (a mini lava lamp), Audrey got Kenneth’s (thumbdrive) and Kenneth got mine (Monopoly Deal). We ended up playing Monopoly Deal while waiting for the finale. It was my first time playing it and I felt it was pretty interesting! Though kind of weird how suddenly someone will just win like that.

Then it was the finale again! And we took lots of pics backstage and kept singing “I Rise” (the theme song). Desmond even added beatboxing! lol. I haven’t laughed so much in a lot. And I was really high. Haha. You don’t get this sort of high easily.

So anyway, what happened at the end of the first show is that there were lots of performers who took pics with Jeff Wang. And I was among those who waited. However, was unable to do so as Jeff had to go backstage.
What happened after that was that my sis found out where Jeff Wang’s holding room was, and Audrey, Kenneth, my sis and I decided to go take a look and hopefully get a picture with him. It turns out that his holding room was the same as Pin Wen’s and Uncle Jack’s. And when we were at the door, Uncle Jack waved to call us into the room and we just rushed in. Lol. Talked to uncle Jack quite a bit, and then he asked us if we wanted to take pics? Hahaha. something like that, and we took pictures with the celebrities (sans Jiu Jian):

Pic of all of us former and current SNCO members! 🙂 Look who’s at the back. hahaha

More pics from waiting and the soundcheck before the second show:

The ever awesome YMD Brass Band. The choir also rocks. Their version of “I Rise” was totally epic and you can totally feel the whole song. Haha. But I wish the Brass Band people would smile more when we smile at them coz sometimes they don’t :((

So it was the 2nd performance after a lot of waiting, and Audrey and I went to touch up our makeup in between. We aren’t girls who usually wear makeups, but yea, just for the fun of it. lol
We also decided to take a pic with Uncle Jack’s student (we found out his name’s Jacob) after the finale.
After our performance with RCO, we sang lots of Gakkai songs with the RCO people. And then took a big group pic.

It was like a major party after that:

From Tricia’s phone.

And yes, we took a pic with Jacob. Audrey and I didn’t manage to guess his age right. haha when I found out his age, I was pretty stunned but yet sort of expected. Haha. He used this pic as his Facebook DP after I tagged him on it. 🙂 So sweet!

After that we had supper with Audrey’s family. Her dad gave us (percussion section) a treat at Subway and we talked to Martin after sooo many years 🙂

Everything’s just awesome. I decided to blog this now before I start losing the high (already losing quite a bit of it, and feeling quite sad about it. Nevertheless, it was an awesome and fun experience as always and as per each YCF. 🙂 Glad to know new people and see them in Gakkai! 🙂

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