A Better Florist: Flower Arrangement Workshop Review

The workshop I attended was provided by A Better Florist.

Who doesn’t love flowers?

I love them but have never felt that I was “artsy” enough to arrange a bouquet. The closest thing I did was the bridesmaid bouquet for Audrey’s wedding last year but even so, I had no idea what I was doing (we only used baby’s breath).

When I heard about the opportunity to attend A Better Florist‘s Flower Arrangement Workshop on 11 Nov, I jumped at the chance to learn something new. My mum had attended quite a few flower arrangement courses and came back with many beautiful flowers arranged so nicely.

The workshop was conducted by Shirleen, a very nice and bubbly girl. After a round of introductions, we learnt about the flowers and leaves that we were going to use for the day. We were introduced to Forget-me-nots, Eustomas as filler flowers (flowers that fill up the space) as well as some leaves to make up a bouquet. The focal flowers that we were using were roses and carnations.

A Better Florist workshop

The style that we were taught was a nice layered style that is the trend now for Instagram or photography (I never really thought of the difference when I saw bouquets).

After demonstrating the first few steps, Shirleen left us to picking our own flowers and arranging them. I won’t go into too much details (do sign up for the workshop to learn!), but I really had fun picking my own flowers and arranging them! Shirleen walked around assisting us and giving us tips when she noticed anything that we should take note of. One thing I learnt was also that tape is a florist’s best friend!

A whole lot of flowers to pick and design your own bouquet!

Once the basic arrangement was done, we were taught how to keep the flowers alive and to wrap them up nicely with a burlap to give it a nice rustic feel and for a finished product!

Very proud of my completed bouquet here!

All in all, I had a great 2 hours learning how to arrange a bouquet of flowers and the technical stuff behind it. Everything was simplified in a way that would make you want to go out and buy a bunch of flowers to arrange them again! I can’t believe that I’d arranged a bouquet of flowers within 2 hours and will definitely be something that I would want to do again.

Thank you A Better Florist!

If you would like to attend A Better Florist‘s workshop, do keep a lookout at their workshop page here.

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