Some short updates.

Felt like blogging, but decided that it is late enough for me for today, so shall post a short entry. 🙂

(For some reason, I find this very similar to how Guangyi updates =X Not intentional)
1. Bought lots of souvenirs for SNCO/friends today
2. Had a Chengdu tour with a tour guide
3. Watched Sichuan Opera/Mask changing show
4. Playing tennis tomorrow! Yes you heard right. Tennis! First time I’m trying this out though. 😀
5. Had been watching KO One and Corner with Love upon recommendation by friends. But I found both painfully draggy and after the 3rd episode for both, I’ve decided not to watch it.
6. Decided to watch Jap vers. of Hana Kimi. 😛

Alright. Good night! 😀

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  1. Sooo? Blogging like me’s not so bad…it’s concise and to the point and there isn’t a whole lot of extraneous stuff lol

  2. It’s not that it’s bad lah. Lol. It’s quite good actually. Sometimes I’d rather blog like that.

    It’s just that it’s like your style and I’m copying it mah. : )

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