SNCO 20th Anniversary Concert

AWESOME CONCERT AND DAY!! I know we didn’t really play perfectly and all, but the high life condition was definitely there, and we definitely encouraged others. That’s what we’re here for isn’t it?

I know this isn’t the best arrangement, and we made mistakes, but here goes:

Hehe. So happy. But I am still going to improve on this and arrange more pieces i hope! 😀

One of our rehearsals. HAHA. I love these guys! Javier, who shares the same birthday as me (I am exactly 2190 days older than him); Marcus, who i actually know from a long time ago just that we didn’t really talk (=/); Lester, who is Javier’s younger bro. Apparently Lester has similar tastes in music as me. Kinda surprising as he’s like 9 years younger than me (zzzz feel so old).

I had great fun with them!! Love my section too! Thanks for all the patience with the pieces!

Anyway, Guangyi also came back for a visit!! And we had Martin and Haowei as guest performers. Not to forget Hansel!!! Haha so happy.

With Audrey and Javier (my new BFF LOL).

Then after that on the way back with Guangyi, Audrey and Martin, while randomly chatting about hokkien terms (花), it let to the words 豆花(dau huay) and Martin said dao huay’s nice and then we went to Selegie Dao Huay. hahaha. There weren’t any seats so GY suggested that we go to Audrey’s place to eat. One thing led to the next and we ended up in their house playing with Rex, eating oranges, dao huay and curry noodles. hahaha. Talked about cosmetic surgeries too. Oh and Tommy was around playing the piano, singing, etc. Martin slept rather early and Tommy ended up chatting with us (he cooked the curry noodles and GY and I shared it coz we were super full from the fruits).

Oh and it was kinda funny how suddenly Audrey blurted out that Martin was lying (o.o) and she read his tweet that said he was eating dau huay with us. So we took this pic:

@AsianMind errr.. where are you? @galovesongs on Twitpic
I know my eye’s one big and small. I’m holding his dao huay lol

I ended up reaching home (thanks GY!) at 1.54am. Latest ever. My parents are usually really uptight. I guess this is my way of rebelling and getting them to let go. My mum actually. Dad was already sound asleep when I was home -.-

Anyway, I’m quoting some stuff Audrey said to me that day which I should really remember:
“Doesn’t mean you don’t have a bf now you are not over him ok?”
“You have moved on to so much more greater things. He only moved on to a china girl…”

Thanks girl! Really my good fortune to know you all these years!! 🙂

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