SCO Evelyn Glennie – Drumming from East to West

Last sunday, Desmond informed us about Evelyn Glennie’s debut with the SCO this weekend. I was sooo excited that I told myself that I would go no matter what. Haha.

There are 2 performances, one yesterday (1 June) and one tonight (Saturday). My week was so hectic that I totally forgot about it until Thursday. Friends had their stuff to attend to and so I bought a ticket alone.

It was my first time watching the SCO perform, despite reading their articles and interview with their conductor Tsung Yeh many times on the papers. Chinese Orchestra used to be something that I didn’t really enjoy, basing on my past experiences at secondary schools where I watched the other schools CO perform. I used to think that they’re noisy and all, but this slowly changed when I went to NYPCO’s concert once. They’re now playing music that I really can feel and understand.

SCO’s musicians are just too awesome. I recognise 2 cellists who were guest players with SNCO a few months back and gosh, i got quite a lot of goosebumps watching them play. They are that good.

Evelyn Glennie, she’s just amazing. It’s really difficult to describe that feeling when watching her perform. It’s like she and the instruments are together. And to finally get to meet such a wonderful percussionist after so many years is just amazing.

As always, I would like to share this video. All musicians should watch it:

After the concert, I went to queue for her autograph (and the conductor + the other soloist).

Met Wayne too! And oh, I told Evelyn Glennie that I really enjoyed her talk at TED. 😀

Awesome start to the weekend!!
Tickets are still available for tonight!

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