SAFARI!!! 71st day. :)

Just downloaded the Safari beta version for Windows. And I must say, I’m awed by the design!!! 😀 It looks super sleek and I feel like I’m using a Mac. 😀 😀 I’ll still stick with using Opera (my default browser) for now. If I’m taken away by the features and stuff Safari offers when they release it, I’ll probably switch to using Safari. The downside to this is that not many web pages support Safari.

Visited Mount Emei and Le Shan over the weekend. Quite an interesting experience honestly. Made me want to know more about my religion. The next entry would be about it. 🙂 Still currently writing the entry about it. 🙂

Sunday was Father’s Day and my mum called me so that I could wish my Dad a Happy Father’s Day. Still haven’t bought anything for him. I’ll probably get him a belt. That’s the only thing I can think of. So far, I think I’ve bought the most stuff for my dear sis. Lol. 😛

Still haven’t thought of what to get for the band, SNCO and all. :-/

Yesterday was Dragon Boat Festival. The company gave us each 8 Century Eggs and 2 raw rice dumplings. 😀 Already tried one of the century egg, and surprisingly, the smell of it wasn’t as strong as the ones in Singapore.

Recently also learnt a lot of Mandarin and about China from 2 of my colleagues (who I’m teaching English to). Quite interesting lah. Except that sometimes I have no idea how to express myself in Mandarin, which is kind of sad.

Anyway, I’m still up so late coz I just put my laundry into the washing machine about 20mins ago, and must wait for it to finish washing. 🙂

The more time I spend with you, the more I just want to hold on to you and never let go. 🙂

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