Re!Fill Buffet (Hotel Re!)

Disclaimer: I was not paid or obliged to do any review on this buffet but as I wasn’t able to find much info about the buffet prior to going there, I thought it would be good for those who are curious to find out what it is about to have something to read.

Won a contest for a buffet for 2 at Hotel Re!’s Re!Plenish buffet! Went with Eugene of course!

I’ve never been to Hotel Re! All I know is that it’s situated at the top of a hill. We took the train to Outram Park, and followed the signs along Exit B to the location. Quite an ulu place, but rather easy to find!

Upon stepping in to the hotel lobby, the scent in the air reminded me of the boutique hotel at Hong Kong that Desmond and his gf stayed at. Eugene was sensitive to the scent I think. His nose became very blocked afterwards. We were able to find the buffet area immediately.

Unfortunately though, the dishes were pretty less and I was a little disappointed.

There were only about 8 dishes that day, and pretty few dishes as well. I’m not sure why, but I had a feeling they don’t usually cook so less or it won’t be really worth the amount that other guests usually pay.
We kept spamming on the cereal prawns. Nevertheless, we had a fulfilling dinner where the staff gave good service.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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