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Manners. Something very important to have when you’re living with 12 other people in the same place. Unfortunately, not everyone has that. And with that, I would like to point out that even though you’re to “make yourself at home” and that some friends might say, “Why are you so polite? Do you treat me as your friend?” it is still manners to ask before you take something that do not belong to you. Maybe it’s me, because I still ask my sister or mum or dad whenever I want to use something of theirs, before I switch television channels, before I move their things… So I guess that’s why I get a bit touchy when people take my stuff without asking. The worst thing is that when you need that thing that’s taken from you, you can’t find it, and then realised that it’s because someone took it. Argh. 🙁

And habits are something that I think some should change. Even though the apartment IS our home for these few months, we share stuff together. Bad unhygenic habits should be changed and avoided. Also, it is I guess our own responsibility to clean up after ourselves and not wait for others to clean up after you.

What Henry said the other day’s quite true – we clean up after people coz we are the first person who cannot tolerate the mess that they make. But does this fall under the term “initiative” as well? Do we who clean up have more initiative than those who leave their rubbish around?

I dislike buying new shoes. Not only because I always have no idea what design I want the shoes to be (and would get super confused when choosing shoes), but also because of the pain that new shoes will always cause. Even my now-comfy-then-new Converse shoes tore my heel’s skin when I first wore it.

Kind of regretting something I said about 2.5 weeks ago. I always forget that people do change in character. :-/

Guess that’s all for now? Haha. I don’t usually turn so negative, but when you’re tired, everything negative just appears in front of you.


Recently am teaching some SCS colleagues English. Quite a difficult task especially when you are worried that you might say the wrong things and offend them. So I let Henry do the talking =X Coz he has this sense of humour that wouldn’t offend people.

Quite an interesting experience though I must say. Also will get to know more people over here in SDC. 🙂 Yesterday while Henry, one other colleague and I were waiting for the rest, we 3 were talking about stuff like music, computers, school system, and I even learnt a bit of China’s history from that colleague.

On the way back home, we shared this “cab” with one Chinese whose accent sounded like he was either from Taiwan or other parts of China. And since he’s from another company (though not rival company), I got quite worried when he started asking about what SCS does. Lol. I sometimes imagine too much.

But what’s interesting is that he asked if we were from 湖南 Hu Nan or 湖北 Hu Bei (other states in China). For the past 64 days since I arrived in Chengdu, there were people who asked us if we’re Koreans, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers or from other parts of China like Guang Zhou. Only one was right in saying that we’re Singaporeans (coz he knows Mr Ling and Ms Chua). Quite interesting eh? 🙂

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