Panda Adventure

Went to Panda Adventure yesterday. Woke up at 6am (!!!) and took a cab there. Each ride cost about RMB$44 (around SGD$8+). Had lots of fun there. 😛 It’s actually nothing much to be honest. But well, got to see real life pandas. Chengdu is the home of pandas I think. So yeah it’s quite nice to be able to see Pandas. Anyway, I’d once said that I’ll only get a panda soft toy when I get to see a live panda up close. So I bought one small panda soft toy yesterday. 😀

Pictures!! (My favourites. The rest can be seen at:

Pandas eating

Lazy panda. haha.

2 red pandas. They look like racoons except for their colour and that they only eat bamboo.

Red panda up close.

The plant that the road we live in is named after.

Cute “Wildlife”. 😛

For Safty’s sake… We guess “Safty” is the panda’s name? Haha. Typo error obviously.

And the one that made me laugh for about 1 minute…

小心地滑 (Beware of the wet floor) – Carefully Slide. Know why I laugh? Lol

Oh and we had Subway for dinner yesterday. I was the last person in the group to order and they had no more bread. -_-” Had turkey salad instead. Everyone was asking if I was on a diet. Eating salad can be full mah. And the cookie was WONDERFUL. I’ve never eaten such nice cookie okay?!?! Haha.

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