Random thoughts rants in my head.

Manners. Something very important to have when you’re living with 12 other people in the same place. Unfortunately, not everyone has that. And with that, I would like to point out that even though you’re to “make yourself at home” and that some friends might say, “Why are you so polite? Do you treat me as your friend?” it is still manners to ask before you take something that do not belong to you. Maybe it’s me, because I still ask my sister or mum or dad whenever I want to use something of theirs, before I switch television channels, before I move their things… So I guess that’s why I get a bit touchy when people take my stuff without asking. The worst thing is that when you need that thing that’s taken from you, you can’t find it, and then realised that it’s because someone took it. Argh. πŸ™

And habits are something that I think some should change. Even though the apartment IS our home for these few months, we share stuff together. Bad unhygenic habits should be changed and avoided. Also, it is I guess our own responsibility to clean up after ourselves and not wait for others to clean up after you.

What Henry said the other day’s quite true – we clean up after people coz we are the first person who cannot tolerate the mess that they make. But does this fall under the term “initiative” as well? Do we who clean up have more initiative than those who leave their rubbish around?

I dislike buying new shoes. Not only because I always have no idea what design I want the shoes to be (and would get super confused when choosing shoes), but also because of the pain that new shoes will always cause. Even my now-comfy-then-new Converse shoes tore my heel’s skin when I first wore it.

Kind of regretting something I said about 2.5 weeks ago. I always forget that people do change in character. :-/

Guess that’s all for now? Haha. I don’t usually turn so negative, but when you’re tired, everything negative just appears in front of you.


Recently am teaching some SCS colleagues English. Quite a difficult task especially when you are worried that you might say the wrong things and offend them. So I let Henry do the talking =X Coz he has this sense of humour that wouldn’t offend people.

Quite an interesting experience though I must say. Also will get to know more people over here in SDC. πŸ™‚ Yesterday while Henry, one other colleague and I were waiting for the rest, we 3 were talking about stuff like music, computers, school system, and I even learnt a bit of China’s history from that colleague.

On the way back home, we shared this “cab” with one Chinese whose accent sounded like he was either from Taiwan or other parts of China. And since he’s from another company (though not rival company), I got quite worried when he started asking about what SCS does. Lol. I sometimes imagine too much.

But what’s interesting is that he asked if we were from 湖南 Hu Nan or ζΉ–εŒ— Hu Bei (other states in China). For the past 64 days since I arrived in Chengdu, there were people who asked us if we’re Koreans, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers or from other parts of China like Guang Zhou. Only one was right in saying that we’re Singaporeans (coz he knows Mr Ling and Ms Chua). Quite interesting eh? πŸ™‚

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Friendster Photos

Was bored yesterday so for some reason, decided to look at my Friendster photos. When I saw this, I couldn’t help laughing. And I laughed for about 5 minutes straight, till I couldn’t breathe properly, till I had tears in my eyes. πŸ˜€ hahaha. (Okay I sound evil)

Then I also told the others (buddha, LY and Henry) to take a look at it, and buddha said, “Wah, evolve from Sun Wukong to TPYS!” Lol. TPYS = Tian Peng Yuan Shuai ε€©ζ£šε…ƒεΈ… = ηŒͺε…«ζˆ’ “Pigsy”. Lol. He said more stuff about him having two more “meat” on his face and stuff like not to evolve into something else scary and all. I didn’t really take note, coz I was laughing too hard. ROFLOL. πŸ˜›

I really wonder why I didn’t notice that change. Lol. Maybe coz we all see each other too often? As in everyone in the class sees each other too often. πŸ™‚ As always, I’ve changed the most. Compare my sec 1 and sec 4 picture, and also my yr 1 and yr 3 picture. πŸ™‚ Henry said I’m the one who changed the most hairstyle, which is quite true.

Many things have changed since that picture. 2 of the classmates have already transferred out, and some of us have already changed our hairstyles. It seems that we won’t be having lessons as a class anymore, because of the attachment and all. Oh well.

Since we’re at the topic of my friendster pictures, lets see…

Taken on National Day 2005. I remember this day coz we went to Wild Wild Wet for the first time with Wen Fang (my sis’s friend since kindergarten) and her family, then I got cooked under the sun and got heatstroke :-/ And many people say that we look like each other after looking at this picture πŸ™‚

Taken after we watched Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire at PS! Everyone looks so young, especially Shamin and Dicky. Now Dickson is taller than me liao πŸ™ lol

Terence Teow!! I miss the guy! Where is he now? Miss his conducting!! And also Beatriz, Uncle Jack, Swee Teng, Mei Ling… They don’t come back as frequently already. πŸ™

I like this picture a lot. I like this cat a lot coz it’s very tame, friendly and all. πŸ™‚

HS Alumni + Mr Lee at NYPSO’s concert. πŸ™‚ I don’t really like this picture coz my mouth’s open -_-” I remember sitting on the steps for this concert, and sms-ing Guangyi throughout, telling him about the pieces the orchestra played (coz they were similar to SNCO’s repetoire) and the violin soloist.

HS ADDICTION! πŸ˜€ I took this photo from the circle seat area where I was ushering. πŸ™‚

Mr Jacomo Bairos (SSO Tuba player)!!! I look short in this pic. Why is he so tall?? At BBQ this year. I told him about my attachment in China and he kept calling me “China Girl” for the rest of the day (he doesn’t know my name).

SWE percussion with Tama Goh!! I remember Uncle Jack going, “Come come, take picture with your 偢像 (idol).” and Tama Goh replied, “ε‘•εηš„ε―Ήθ±‘.” (means someone that makes you vomit or something like that) Cool guy. πŸ™‚

SRJC 1A04. I think this was taken on the day the school celebrated CNY. 4 of us in the end went to NYP. lol

The photo that really makes Twin Vampire and I look like twins (except for the height). πŸ™‚ My cousin couldn’t even tell which is me. LOL. Ah, how i miss those times when the group of us woke up early/didn’t sleep to be at the airport to receive/send Reuben. πŸ™‚

Alright, that’s all for now. Got to prepare for EL lessons later! Bye!

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61st day in Chengdu!

“Happy 2 months in China!” – that was what Jerrick messaged me last night. Thank you!

So I spent my 60th day in Chengdu (yesterday) at ζ˜₯熙路 (Chun Xi Road), the Orchard Road equivalent in Chengdu, with all my 12 housemates. πŸ™‚ Quite an enriching trip. Though I was kind of tired and kept rambling nonsense (I think) =X Was kind of annoyed with myself. :-/ But well, shall take note not to talk nonsense when I’m tired.

There’s this 3-storey bookstore there, and enjoyed myself in there. Lots of books there and they’re cheap compared to Singapore! I bought Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in Chinese version (RMB$58 = ~SGD$11.60) and this ASP.NET 2.0Β book for RMB$98! πŸ™‚

Had dinner at Pizza Hut coz we wanted to eat pasta and there’s no such thing as Pastamania over here :-/

My 61st morning in Chengdu was spent playing badminton, eating at 对青 (a noodle store), Carrefour, had dinner at Subway and at this arcade.

The best part was this: Li Ying, Yi Long and I went to meet Li Ying’s Mum and the meeting was like over in less than 10 minutes. So we walked back to our apartments and waited downstairs for the rest. For some weird reason, I suggested that we hide at the side of the apartments and follow them quietly behind. So that was what we did. And the best part was that even though we followed the rest of the group all the way from the bottom of the block till they flag for cab, none of them noticed that we were behind, even though a few of them turned behind to talk to the others. LOL.

That was fun, and funny. πŸ˜›

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When you get drunk…

… and no one cares about you, you know it’s sad. XD Hahahaha!

Yesterday, the whole group of us went to this Porridge steamboat restaurant as recommended by Mr Ling and Ms Chua near our place. After that, we walked to this beautiful place just on the other side of our apartment and there were a whole row of bars. Wow! So after that, Huzz and I took a walk and went home. The rest of them went to a bar.

They came home around 11pm and knocked on the door. Madeline and I went to open the door and my twin said, “Hwa Swee is drunk.” So I looked behind him and saw a “drunk” TPYS leaning on Teck Hwee. Ookay. In my mind I was thinking, “He’s drunk? That bad meh?” It was none of Madeline and my biz anyway, so we went back to our respective rooms to continue what we were doing. haha. And no one cared about that “drunk” guy.

It was all fake. -_-” Lol. And this is really sad. Imagine TPYS really being drunk and no one caring about it. Hahaha.

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English lessons.

I’m supposed to be writing up lesson plans for 10 days of English lessons for some SDC employees but I ended up:

– Minesweeping (still can’t break Expert!)
– Looking at my cousin girlfriend’s friendster pictures
– Reading my cousin girlfriend’s blog

Lol. So easily distracted. After this entry I shall go back to work.

So yeah, Henry and I were assigned this task of teaching some employees English. Wow. It’s quite technical actually… As in this is an intensive lesson of learning English for an interview and bio. Oh well, at least the Biz Comm skills we learn can be used here.

And the Straits Times that belonged to my bosses were handed over. I miss reading english newspapers! In fact, I just miss reading newspapers. :-/

I dunno how I ended up at friendster again. Just suddenly thought of my cousin and decided to view his profile. Lol. I’m not close to him anyway, and we hardly talk until recently when I’m supposed to help my dad sell the XBox and my mum asked him to tell me how to research for the price to sell it (I have yet to sell it. Anyone interested? Halo 2 edition).

Come to think of it, I’m only close to like 2 cousins out of the 30+ cousins that I have. Must make it a resolution to be closer and keep in touch with more of them I guess. I find it sad when I don’t know much about my cousins except probably their name and whether they are working or studying. And… some of them, the instruments that they play and that’s about it.

Come August, I shall have things to work hard on and having my cousins on my msn list is one of them. πŸ™‚

Update @ 1.04 am: Alright. So I started on the cousins project just now when I saw one of my cousins Janning online. I asked her for my cousin Mark‘s email address and I tried adding him on MSN, and I succeeded! Just finished chatting with cousin Mark who’s doing his NS currently but busy with gigs. He plays his double bass in a small band with a few other people I think. Not too sure. He went off after a while.

But I’m kind of glad that I’ve got one more cousin on my list. πŸ™‚

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Li Ying shared an interesting site with me about Chinese surnames. So here’s the one for θ”‘: http://www.yutopian.com/names/15/15cai44.html πŸ™‚

Quite a cool story eh? I hope this site (http://www.yutopian.com/names/) will keep me entertained for hours. No task to do again coz system not completed for testing. πŸ™

No. 1 most common surname in China: ηŽ‹
No. 2 most common surname in China: 李
No. 3 most common surname in China: εΌ΅
No. 4 most common surname in China: εŠ‰
No. 5 most common surname in China: ι™³
No. 6 most common surname in China: ζ₯Š
No. 7 most common surname in China: θΆ™
No. 8 most common surname in China: 黃
No. 9 most common surname in China: 周

No. 42 most common surname in China: 盧
No. 43 most common surname in China: 蔣
No. 44 most common surname in China: θ”‘
No. 45 most common surname in China: 賈

120 surnames in total (in the list)

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Brazil BBQ dinner with SCS colleagues

Yesterday went to 卑布罗尔巴θ₯Ώηƒ€θ‚‰ (Cabrel’s (sp?) Brazil BBQ Buffet) for dinner with some SCS colleagues. Mr Ling, Ms Chua, Mr Li, Ms Xiao, Ms Cao and Henry also went (coz we’re all in the same project group). This buffet costs RMB$58 which is RMB$20 more than the one at Midya International Buffet which we’d went to on 2 occassions. Of course, since we’re paying more here, the service is also much better. Hot towels were provided, and there’s TV for you to watch (all Mr Bean though). As for the food, there are more variety I guess? But then, Brazil BBQ is still Brazil BBQ, so it wasn’t that special or anything.

The buffet part was a bit disappointing though. They don’t have as much food to choose from as compared to Midya’s. Most of the stuff were salad and fruits. But I must say even though there aren’t much choices, it also doesn’t really matter coz we sit there most of the time and wait for people to serve us with cooked food. I ate stuff like, bacon, beef, lamb, sausages, pizza, prawns, mushrooms, cauliflower, lotus roots, ham, ice-cream, fries, fruit salad, potato salad, etc. Lol. Of course, I ate only like one or 2 of each stuff and some of the stuff were shared among 4 people.

Then I asked Mr Ling about E-Mei Shan (E-Mei Mountain) coz he went there before. He told us that part of the itenary is to watch sunrise from the mountain and Henry commented that I’m lucky coz I get to watch sunrise with Huzz if our itenary includes that. Lol. πŸ˜€ Guess I’m lucky. πŸ™‚ But still must see how the itenary is.

Oh, and watched So Close on tv yesterday. I think I’d watched it before coz I found some of the scenes familiar. They kept showing this ad on Singapore which features JJ Lin. www.visitsingapore.com πŸ˜€ I miss the food!!!

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43rd Day.

Wow. Time flies. It’s amazing how already 43 days have passed since I came over here to Chengdu. It seems like yesterday when I was still at home packing for this trip, or when I was still deciding before the exams whether I should go for this or not. And now, here I am! I still can’t believe it really. And the many many wonderful things that happened over here. πŸ˜€

And as many might have already seen from my MSN nick today, I currently have a boyfriend. πŸ™‚ A wonderful wonderful guy called Huzaen. I’d mentioned his name quite often around here so… yea. πŸ˜€

Honestly, it’s not that bad and scary living overseas. It’s the people back home that you miss more than the place. The daily routines have become part of my life. I’ll miss living with these 12 people when we’re back in SG. Which I don’t want to think about right now. >.<

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Panda Adventure

Went to Panda Adventure yesterday. Woke up at 6am (!!!) and took a cab there. Each ride cost about RMB$44 (around SGD$8+). Had lots of fun there. πŸ˜› It’s actually nothing much to be honest. But well, got to see real life pandas. Chengdu is the home of pandas I think. So yeah it’s quite nice to be able to see Pandas. Anyway, I’d once said that I’ll only get a panda soft toy when I get to see a live panda up close. So I bought one small panda soft toy yesterday. πŸ˜€

Pictures!! (My favourites. The rest can be seen at: http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y116/galovesongs/Chengdu/Panda%20Adventure/)

Pandas eating

Lazy panda. haha.

2 red pandas. They look like racoons except for their colour and that they only eat bamboo.

Red panda up close.

The plant that the road we live in is named after.

Cute “Wildlife”. πŸ˜›

For Safty’s sake… We guess “Safty” is the panda’s name? Haha. Typo error obviously.

And the one that made me laugh for about 1 minute…

ε°εΏƒεœ°ζ»‘ (Beware of the wet floor) – Carefully Slide. Know why I laugh? Lol

Oh and we had Subway for dinner yesterday. I was the last person in the group to order and they had no more bread. -_-” Had turkey salad instead. Everyone was asking if I was on a diet. Eating salad can be full mah. And the cookie was WONDERFUL. I’ve never eaten such nice cookie okay?!?! Haha.

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Money matters.

Throat not feeling too good again. Looking for that box of Strepsils… Where is it??
(Ah.. Nevermind. Made myself a cup of herbal tea. But unfortunately tore it too much and tore the tea bag inside as well πŸ™ )

Well, spent my time at the apartment here today. Cleaned up the place and everything. Have been playing Li Ying’s PSP a lot recently, coz she’s really nice to lend it to me when she sees that I have nothing to do.

Weather getting back to normal (as in summer normal). But come to think of it, I miss the cold weather. :-/

Recently, a lot of us have been observing one person among us. And I came to a conclusion that spending too much money isn’t too good. Especially when people are watching. Actually, without others watching, one must still learn how to save and spend money in a proper manner but not buy whatever you want, even though you don’t really need it or when there is a cheaper alternative to it. Even though you’re rich, you’re also not supposed to do that really. My twin is one good example of someone who is rich but don’t spend just because he wants it.

Kind of glad that my parents taught me how to save and make wise decisions on money matter. And when I was going through the clothes that I brought over here to Chengdu, I realised that the t-shirts that I’ve brought (as in brought from SG) for casual wear (as in at home and all) are mostly oversized because they’re hand-me-downs from my cousin Jason. Lol. I don’t mind it really as oversized t-shirts are quite comfy to wear when sleeping and they are all branded stuff. But yeah, this shows that I’m quite thrifty eh? πŸ˜›

And well, money is not supposed to be spent in such a manner anyway.

Even though I always look tired, I’m never tired of the times spent with you.

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