[Omy.sg Preview] Arthur Newman

Got invited to an Omy Blogclub movie preview on Tuesday for Arthur Newman!


The synopsis is as follows:
Wallace Avery is tired of his life. Divorced, disconnected from his son, dissatisfied with his love life, he decides the time has come for a radical solution. He literally walks away from his life, buys himself a new identity as Arthur Newman, and sets out toward his own private Oz – Terre Haute, Indiana – where he believes he has a chance to work as a golf pro. Wallace’s idea of a second chance is to become a second person. His road trip is derailed by the entrance of Michaela Fitzgerald, whom Arthur discovers passed out poolside at a motel. It takes her all of a couple hours to bust Arthur’s identity scam. It takes Arthur a lot longer to bust hers. Colin Firth and Emily Blunt co-star in this gently comic love story set in a perfect storm of identity crisis. ARTHUR NEWMAN, from a screenplay written by Becky Johnston, looks at how two people, desperate to remake themselves, fall in love and find a way to accept responsibility for who they really are.

To be honest, I haven’t heard of this movie before Omy introduced to it. The storyline was quite interesting (who doesn’t want to live the life they way they want to?) and the 2 main leads are well established actors (I think Emily Blunt looks a lot like Katy Perry in this movie).

However, there was something odd in the movie that I honestly can’t place. Not sure if it’s because of the age gap between the 2 characters, or because the movie was kind of slow paced (it felt like it’s suitable for the 1950s).

What I liked about the movie was the cinematography. Most of the scenes were shot really nicely and if they were photographs, I would wish that I had taken it.


Directed by Dante Ariola
Academy Award® Winner Colin Firth
Golden Globe® Winner Emily Blunt
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Rating: M18 (Contains language and sexual situations)
Runtime: 101 minutes

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