NUSSD Graduation.

So I graduated from SD yesterday…

Wow, I remembered how 1 year ago after O&G 2010, I was walking around, feeling pretty upset and sore because my DSLR had dropped. And then Sharon and Derui came to me (at different times) and gave me 2 gifts. Sharon gave me a card that had Sensei’s guidance, and Derui, a notebook from SGI Japan. I will always treasure these gifts and will never forget the feeling when I received them.

I gave out my own postcards yesterday. Really glad that my friends love them! 😀 Based on their feedback that I got, it’s that the cards are pretty. I don’t think many of them know that the pictures were taken by me. haha. But anyways, yea.

Quite sad that a few of my friends weren’t able to attend the meeting. Would be great to have them there to share the joy and my testimonial.

I didn’t attend the day event this year, and even missed out on some stuff at the night event, but I had fun! Really loved how they involved us graduates this year, instead of us being participants only.

Anyway, I felt really honoured to be able to share my testimonial. First time!! I had always felt that my life was going well and that unless something really big happens, then I would be able to share. So now my chance came!

I thought back how 1 year ago I had only just became CIC (can you believe it?!) and now I’ve graduated! With so much more experience than I ever had in 3 years in poly. Haha. I suddenly thought of Sally’s perspective about my situation then and she explained that there was a possibility that because I had made a decision to be more active in Gakkai and also helped others more (something to that effect), I had changed my karma and polished my life. I really think so too now! 😀

I realised that life’s a series of parallel projects to be honest! So what’s next for me? I’m seriously thinking of joining Chingay next year. I had actually decided not to join this one when they announced it a few weeks ago, until they reminded us that next year is the year of the dragon!!! OMG!!! I performed at Chingay in the year 2000. Hahaha. So now it’s one cycle of the horoscope and I get the chance to join again!! Why shouldn’t I take it? haha. Trainings will start in October, so I have about a month to “relax” after the concert this week, before being busy again. I am going to make sure the month of September will allow me to settle down into learning the cello and some other long term plans that I have made for myself.

Cello… Finally I am learning it. I have been talking so many times about wanting to learn it but have been pushing it constantly away. My reasons? No money, no time. I realised that if I really want something to be a priority, I will have the money and time regardless. Even if it means my bank account being quite empty. And I was reading the book “Something Borrowed” in which the narrator was saying how she regretted having a prim and proper life up until then. Now that i have gotten school out of the way, I am going to live an exciting life! Sure I will keep a 9-5(6) job, I will still be strong in my faith, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do the many things that are out there for me. I want to learn cello, I want to be good at percussion, I want to travel, I want to have fun with my friends at Timbre, I can do that.

Nothing is impossible. 🙂

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