The next NKF show, it’ll probably be a flop. Honestly, I would still donate to them, if 1: They would be more transparent in future. 2: Their CEO earn less money. 3: Timothy Cao (Cao Qi Tai) not host the shows. I get put off whenever he hosts it. And the money their CEO earns, its like we’re feeding him instead of helping the patients. Yes, he did a lot for NKF but if he really is a great person, money wouldn’t be his priority and he wouldn’t mind earning lesser money. If they need more donations, the CEO should be the one donating to them, since he has so much money.

My $0.02.

So many events happening… Reuben’s return, Eve’s return… I’ll probably be camping at the airport for the whole of next Fri/Sat. haha. I can’t wait to see Reuben! Miss him a lot! Can finally get to play in the band with him again.

I’m having problems with my Accounting. Help! Maybe I should have taken POA in the past. But that would mean forgoing A Maths and Pure Physics. These 2 subjects helped me a lot with my Java and Computing Maths.

Got my Marketing test paper back. 29/50. Lol. Pathetic but at least I passed. This subject really reminds me of Geography. I can’t wait to complete this module. haha. I’d take Econs anytime. Really enjoyed it when I took it at SR.

Went for a Marketing seminar. I know, I know. I went there coz it was internet related. However, only one speaker spoke a lot on Internet Marketing and he was an Australian so his accent kind of made me doze off half the time. =X I still find the speaker from StarHub the most interesting. Mr Walter Lee or something. Nevertheless, I still learnt a lot on Marketing today. It really reminds me of psychology. No wonder Reuben’s like involved in both of them.

HBP. Can’t wait…

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