My Story: SNCO, KK, BB performance at Botanic Gardens (22/2/09)

I learnt a lot during the course of this concert. As a percussionist, my main instruments are usually and most of the time the mallet and timpani instruments but this time, I get to play the drumset! Okay. it’s not the first time I play a drumset during a concert, but it’s the first time I play only the drumset.

For those who don’t know, SNCO (Soka New Century Orchestra), Koteiketai (Fife & Drum Corp) and YMD Brass Band are part of the 3 band branches in the Music & Culture (M&C) branch in Singapore Soka Association (SSA). The other groups under the M&C are the Chinese Orchestra, the Choir, some dance groups etc. There are so many that I may not even know some of it. 🙂

So anyway, we were told last year that we’ll be having a combined performance to let people know that we have such groups in SSA. This is partly to prepare for our recruitment drive coming soon.

When I first heard about the parts & pieces that we were going to play for this performance, I thought I’m in for a tough time. Coz I was the only one left in percussion at that point of time (long story), so I decided that for this performance, I am going to 1) get as many percussionists back as possible 2) improve in my drumset playing.

I have to admit, I was rather slack for the first or second practices that I attended (with regards to this performance), but afterwards, I went to look for the music and basically listened to them all the time until it got to a point of obsession. It’s like, “I can’t listen to other stuff except Love Love Love.”

So when we had one combined and I was told not to play, I basically just broke down and got terribly upset with myself.

I don’t blame anyone else for me not being able to play, I just felt that perhaps I didn’t put in enough effort or wasn’t good enough.

But then again, what I really want was (and still is) a percussion tutor to help me.

Then, I got to know the Koteiketai percussion girls and we went to Uncle Jack‘s place for just one day of help (Wei Fen also came along). That day just inspired me greatly la.

Anyway, I remembered the following week’s practice came by and it was actually a combine rehearsal (I was so doomed) and Wei Fen’s friend, Keith came. Keith’s the guest player playing the bass guitarist and I think he performs a lot outside, so he knew a lot about playing pop songs, where the cymbals must come in and all and he helped me a lot. So I learnt a lot this time from him and Uncle Jack! Thank you both! 😀

Kat also came back from Saudi and I got her and Audrey back!! Happy! Haha. Audrey also brought her friend Lynn to perform with us 🙂 Thank you both Audrey and Lynn! *note to self, send an sms to all of them

Okay, so that was the background story. Now about today.


It rained when we reached Botanic Gardens, as we were all shuffling backstage.

And the culture of Soka is that if you ever have an outdoor performance and it rains, you chant. Haha. it happens for NDP, Chingay, YCF, etc. I’ve done so for the latter 2 kinds of performances and I will never forget about stuff like this. Especially when you see proof that your prayers will be answered.

So we all chanted backstage and it just kept raining and raining until it came to a light drizzle and about 30mins before the performance was about to start, the rain stopped.
How cool is that huh? =)

The performance itself was quite alright. I screwed up a bit but after listening to the video recording of bits that my sis took, i felt it was pretty well done for me. Haha. Thanks to all who encouraged me, especially my dearest bf. 🙂 THANK YOU!

Also thanks to all who came though I don’t really know exactly who, I know some YWD from NUSSD came, my parents, my sis, Huzz, Huzz’s mum 🙂 THANK YOU ALL!

And now, for the pictures. I was the unofficial photographer of the day. The official one was Ji Sheng I believe, coz I realised he was on stage walking around only at the last piece.

Before the performance (Lynn took this)

Me, Lynn and Audrey

The koteiketai percussion girls I was talking about… Erm I only remember Carol‘s name. =x

Weili, Kat, Alice, Shini and Keith. Keith didn’t want his photos online actually but I convinced him to allow me to upload them on fb! haha.

YMD Chief Leonard giving words of encouragement.

haha. Leonard’s son. Haha. He was like dismantling stuff around him.

My sis did some video recordings of bits of our performance (heng she didn’t record my mistake) and I’ll post a link of it when she uploads it. 🙂

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