My Story: Fifty Cents Shirt

So this “Fifty Cents” shirt has been with me for quite a while. At least 5 years. I got it from This Fashion wayy back then. I liked the colour but it was quite fitting for me then so I seldom wore it. It was only after I entered poly that I started wearing it more frequently.

Because of the word “Fifty Cents” on it, people often come up with jokes when they see me wearing it that I got it for 50 cents (I didn’t) or that perhaps I cost 50 cents (don’t get the 2nd joke though). I think the words were there because of the rapper “50 Cent”, who was very popular when I got that shirt back then.

I brought this shirt with me when I went to Chengdu as the material’s pretty thick and it was rather cold then when I went over. Kept me warm in Jiuzhaigou and Er Mei Shan. 🙂

As most of you who know me knows, I gained quite a lot of weight when I went to Chengdu and when I came back, that shirt was pretty tight and small for me. Wearing it would make my tummy bulge out (eeks).

I didn’t wear that shirt for quite some time.

It was only recently that I took out the shirt and started wearing it.

Quite amazed by how big that shirt is to me now. It just showed how much weight I’ve lost to be able to fit in properly now.

Looking back, it was hard work losing the unhealthy weight (I’m in the acceptable range now) and this shirt was here to prove that I did.

Got to continue to keep myself healthy.

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