My last night in Chengdu.

So… it’s finally time to return to SG after spending 124 days over here in Chengdu.

How do I feel after living in a foreign country for 4 months? First and foremost, I feel excited that I finally get to return to my homeland Singapore. Main reason would be that I miss my family and friends a lot. I miss living in Singapore. In fact, after being here for 4 months, I kinda forgot how I used to live my life in SG. Quite sad, but yeah.

I also finally understood what Mr Lee, my sec school band teacher-in-charge told me that working for or living in a foreign country won’t be as good as working in your own country itself. Discrimination is quite common here though there are nice people who treats you better after knowing that you are from Singapore. Being foreigners, many locals here like to point their fingers at us whenever they get the chance to. Like at that trip to Jiu Zhai Gou, at this stop where we were allowed to shop for stuff. There were this whole group of Chinese who were very late and I overheard the other group of tourists in the bus saying “It’s the Singaporeans” when we were already on the bus. And over here at these apartments, people have said that “the Singaporean students climbed walls to other people’s rooftop to play” when we didn’t.

It is apparent that as Singaporeans, we are not really Chinese Chinese. This is one important thing I’d learnt. Of course, I’m not saying that everyone treats us this way, but just some of them. I think this is how many Chinese over here in Singapore feels too. :-/

Not only that, I learnt a valuable lesson of not getting controlled by the temper others want you to have. Else you might lose yourself.

Living with 12 other people also taught me some life lessons. Plus some experiences that I would never have gained if I’d never came. It’s very similar to reality TV in a way that many drama stuff had happened.

One day, all of these will soon be a mere memory. I don’t know what will be remembered from this. Probably just the simple fact that we’d once lived in Chengdu for 4 months with 12 other people. Only time will tell.

Looking at my packed luggage, I can’t believe that 4 months of my things are packed inside it. Just a mere 20kg of things…

And the memories left behind, I wished it can be kept inside somewhere.

Like a pensive perhaps. =)

Will definitely miss this place, and the people.

Must learn to let go. 🙂

P/S: Oh yea, it isn’t really such a big deal living overseas with your friends. It has been an interesting experience. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, provided I get to choose the people to live with. haha. =X 😛

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  1. well, staying overseas also exposed u to many uncontrollable facets of life, n u’ve learnt from them, so i think this 124 days were well spent.


    have a safe trip home.

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