Music – my journey.

Was digging out some of the old stuff from my hard disk to send to a new friend of mine. Someone who I’d known recently and would say that I’m glad to know! 🙂 Basically just trading music with him. So what happened is that I’ve been telling him about all the symphonic band stuff, and he told me to just send him a few to try. So that’s what I’m doing now, and so I decided to listen to them as well.

How much time flies! When I first stepped into band in 2003 (I joined only in sec 3). I used to listen to whatever that was on the radio, and I couldn’t accept many things at first, like rock, rap, and I can’t remember what else. They were either too noisy, or too boring. Used to listen to a lot of pop and alt rock (when I was 11 haha) but slowly started to accept different things, and different music.

Now that I’m stepping into Crayon Parade, these things are a whole new experience for me. To be honest, I can listen and accept new genre of music rather easily now, but still can’t tell the whole layering thing, or anything else. Still learning, and basically having fun. Hopefully someday I will be able to understand just like what I did for Symphonic band stuff. 🙂

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