Money matters.

Throat not feeling too good again. Looking for that box of Strepsils… Where is it??
(Ah.. Nevermind. Made myself a cup of herbal tea. But unfortunately tore it too much and tore the tea bag inside as well 🙁 )

Well, spent my time at the apartment here today. Cleaned up the place and everything. Have been playing Li Ying’s PSP a lot recently, coz she’s really nice to lend it to me when she sees that I have nothing to do.

Weather getting back to normal (as in summer normal). But come to think of it, I miss the cold weather. :-/

Recently, a lot of us have been observing one person among us. And I came to a conclusion that spending too much money isn’t too good. Especially when people are watching. Actually, without others watching, one must still learn how to save and spend money in a proper manner but not buy whatever you want, even though you don’t really need it or when there is a cheaper alternative to it. Even though you’re rich, you’re also not supposed to do that really. My twin is one good example of someone who is rich but don’t spend just because he wants it.

Kind of glad that my parents taught me how to save and make wise decisions on money matter. And when I was going through the clothes that I brought over here to Chengdu, I realised that the t-shirts that I’ve brought (as in brought from SG) for casual wear (as in at home and all) are mostly oversized because they’re hand-me-downs from my cousin Jason. Lol. I don’t mind it really as oversized t-shirts are quite comfy to wear when sleeping and they are all branded stuff. But yeah, this shows that I’m quite thrifty eh? 😛

And well, money is not supposed to be spent in such a manner anyway.

Even though I always look tired, I’m never tired of the times spent with you.

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