“Marry You” Percussion Ensemble arrangement

I wanted to write my thoughts with regards to an arrangement I did for “Marry You”, based on Glee’s version of it, originally by Bruno Mars.

I really wanted to arrange something for SNCO’s percussion to try out, more because most of the other percussion ensemble pieces are to be honest super boring or nothing most of us can relate to. I wanted to try something different, and also to try out arranging music. “Marry You” is actually the 2nd arrangement that I worked on (the first being “21 Guns” by Greenday but that is still WIP).

Anyway, I don’t intend to sell this, or gain any profits from it, so I do hope that I won’t incur any copyright issues. o.o

Okay. About my thoughts.

I chose to arrange this piece many many months back when I was feeling really happy while in a relationship, and then this Glee version came out. I checked out the Bruno Mars version but still prefer this version to be honest (because of the different voices etc). It took me about 1 month to complete this. The process wasn’t easy, as I am not good at harmonies despite a grade 5 in theory (theory and practical are always 2 different things). Plus I consider my primary instrument(s) to be the percussion and not the piano, or any other instruments. Basically, I am not a notes person. Perhaps this is why I want to learn the cello. 🙂

I wanted to dedicate this song to my then boyfriend. But I am not sure if this is appropriate now. So I shall just keep it for myself or my future husband.

All the mallet parts (other than the chimes) will get to play the main melody as well as the accompanying harmony. This is because I felt that sometimes some mallet instruments won’t get to shine or show in an ensemble. The Glee version kinda allows the different mallet instrument to sort of show through.

To be honest, I haven’t tried it out yet (or rather no one tried it out yet) so I am not sure how it sounds like. Hope it will be nice.

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