Life and death.

Hello everyone!

Kinda in the mood to blog today after reading Martin’s blog entry. haha. I dunno why, but yea at the moment all I only want to do is write something here!

So many thoughts! So many thoughts! Where do I start?

Okay shall start with yesterday!

Last night after work, I met up with Tiang Peng from the now defunct “Peng Peng Says” blog. In his heyday, he was nominated for the SG Blog Awards. I forgot to ask him why he closed it down. Probably lack of time perhaps? He’s now a Staff Nurse.

Anyway, I haven’t seen him for years, despite the fact that the both of us live at the same block. Now that we all have our own lifts, he doesn’t take the lift near my apartment anymore and hence I seldom see him around.

I think among my primary school friends, I’m the only one who kept up with stuff happening in his life? Haha sometimes it’s not on purpose. Like the few times I met with his ex-gf Dawn, and another girl previously who was with him. I met them at the void deck, bus stop, etc. So weird. And he told me that Dawn knows who I am because he told her before.

If there was only one primary school buddy that I had, that I am still in contact with, it’ll definitely be Tiang Peng. Even though it’s not frequent.

I had a spat of quarrel with him once last year, on Facebook. Haha It was kinda public but whatever.

Anyway, back to the topic, I met him at the bus stop and we went to look for MJ’s Dad’s wake =/ “Look for” because we had no idea where it is, and it was all based on his memory of where MJ used to stay -.- Win.

They were doing their prayers when we reached, and we didn’t know anyone else, so the both of us just sat at one area and started chatting about our lives, our families, what we are doing, etc. I realised that he’s the only one who knows my status now (among all the other primary school friends).

Then during the prayer breaks, MJ gave us some food. =x And BS came down and chit chatted with us.

I kinda miss how these friends never judge me, despite me being quiet and all, but I kinda couldn’t shake off something that will always appear in my mind whenever I see them. Something from the past…

I met Hui Qian too! She used to be my really good friend who I always follow around back in Primary 1. I don’t think she remembers that honestly, but yea. =/ Kinda weird though.

okay, that was yesterday.

This morning, I received a message from Sakinah, that she’s getting married! And I’m invited!

There was this sudden urge of me wanting to get married too! Coz I always like going to weddings! Some of it may be kinda cheesy, but it’s always everyone being happy and seeing everyone again. Since Sakinah’s like my Secondary school friend, it’ll definitely be an even happier occasion 😀

This is kinda cool, you know, now that I’m at the age where my friends my age are getting married. Hehe. The weddings that I used to attend, they are mainly of older friends. 🙂 Also, it’s going to be the first Malay wedding that I’m attending!! So cool!

(Faizal, I am waiting for your wedding haha)

Had a chat with Kelvin yesterday at our little detour after a trip to the client’s. haha. I think everywhere I have one buddy where there are no inhibitions in whatever I say and maybe at work it is Kelvin. (Hello Kelvin, if you are reading this)

Ryan gave us all a shock on Monday too when he came back with an announcement. Two, in fact. That it really shocked us. I hope the other announcement won’t happen. Because it really makes me not believe in relationships even more.

Just found out that my sec school friend Simin is getting married too! 🙂 Quite glad that there are some relationships that definitely last. She has been with her bf for so many years!

That’s all for now.

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