Just keep breathing.

The song above came at the right time.

Feeling pretty down these few days I really don’t know why. PMS perhaps?

Couldn’t sleep properly the past 2 nights. The only time when I felt comfortable enough to sleep was when I was at my bf’s room, but yet I’m not sure if I’m allowed to stay over >.< Sometimes I'm just really confused about things, about my thoughts. I just want to sleep and rest (wished weekdays are longer!), instead of working my ass off everyday, and paying bills. I keep thinking that I am not good enough, whether for myself or for my bf. I feel like I keep disappointing everyone and that people are gonna leave me soon. I need to fight this, plus I'm burning out. Some of the things that I am appreciative of today - My family: Even though I'm the only one working now, we are all healthy, safe and sound - My bf: For being there despite me being not my usual self lately. - Midnight: For cheering me up with the little things, and also letting me hug him lol - My job: Despite all the - Myself: For being alive and still wanting to fight to be positive again. Maybe, I am just tired. And I think I need to chant more.

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