Just be honest with me.

My life has been rather drama lately. A little too drama to my liking, but I am handling it better than I expect myself to be. Rather, how I thought I would cope. I just handled things as it is, and take things as it comes. I guess this is how I manage to cope well. 🙂

Quite interestingly is how my friends reacted to it. I think even my best friend at work is more shocked than me.

Wait, enough suspense I guess. What happened was my ex got married. How I found out? Not gonna say, but if you know me, if I really want to find out about stuff, I know how to do it. Legally of course. Most of the time I don’t bother, but hey, I’m glad that I don’t feel anything at all actually. It’s like just finding out that an old acquaintance got married despite anything. Haha.

I don’t usually agree to what my office good friend says about relationships (though I do accept them as everyone has the right to free speech and opinions PLUS they’re always a good insight 🙂 ), but what he said is really true. “Getting married at this age it’s either shotgun or stupidity”. I have to agree with this. And knowing the ex, even though I know you all say that he might have changed, the core him will have stayed, and unfortunately, based on how he treated me, I know that there are disaster recipes.

His parents didn’t go, and none of his relatives too.

Well, as long as he is happy.

Anyway, I think this will happen to anyone, ex getting married that is. Only thing different is that it happens to me earlier, and thankfully I’m not still in love with him. Just sad that obviously I wasn’t loved before. But I remembered 2 things that I told him, and obviously it got to him, and he listened!

Ta da! Made an impact on someone’s life after 4 years hahaha 🙂

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