June 2010 Projects: Cousins meetup (outside Grandma’s house)

Sooo… a few months ago, a few of us cousins discussed and decided that we should have a cousins gathering/outing outside of Grandma’s house. The main reason being, we usually meetup only at grandma’s and we don’t really communicate much. I actually have a dream that the 20+ of us could come to one outing and take a group picture. It would really mean a lot to have that photo somewhere. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one at the moment. 🙁

This holidays, I was supposed to visit Janning at KL, but the plan was cancelled in the end, and about a month ago, Janning emailed me to tell me that she’s coming to SG! 😀 What a surprise! So we discussed for a few nights on MSN where I could bring her to (for half a day) and she suggested we could have a mini cousins gathering. I mass FB-messaged my cousins, but not many replied unfortunately. 🙁 We just gathered a few then, and after that set a day and place to meet.

Anyway, I got sick a few days before Janning came, but managed to recover on time. 🙂

On the 19th June, Uncle Alex drove Janning over to my house to pick me up and we headed to Khatib. As Janning was hungry, we went to a coffee shop at Khatib and Janning had her lunch while I had tea.

Sooo… Here are a few of the pics I took at Bottle Tree Park (which was our first stop for the day).

There was some fishing competition and this guy caught that fish. Pretty big, but they put it back after the photo.

Next stop was Marina Barrage! Okay we went to eat at this coffee shop next to Northpoint and surprisingly the bak chor mee was pretty good! Then we went to Marina Barrage.

We chatted along the way and I got to know Janning better. Haha. We’re both cousins but even though she’s from KL, I feel I’m also not that close with cousins from SG what say KL? I’m glad I got to talk to her and know her better. 🙂

It was dark when we arrived. I’d planned Marina Barrage as the “night event” because I felt that there would be more stuff there to see instead of Bottle Tree Park.

To be honest I didn’t know what I would see there, and wow! I didn’t realise that there would be soooo many people around as well as things happening!

Kite flying at night. Blur coz slow shutter speed and strong winds…

Basically, we walked around taking pictures of people and the view. It just so happened that there was NDP rehearsal and there were fireworks! But sad to say, I lack a tripod and the skills to take proper pictures of it.

UFO flying above Singapore Flyer??? 😛

Look at all the people!

Light from MBS.

Anyway, most of the shots were blurry because of the lack of tripod and slow shutter. Quite bad la. 🙁

But it compensated for the above pic. Look closely at the fountains 😀

Janning wanted to take the fountain with coloured lights but for some reason she kept missing the chance. So since we had time, we sat there and waited for it. I decided to experiment with bokeh shots. Haha. I’m quite amused by bokeh. Pretty interesting you know? So yea here are some of the shots.

Interesting how not to focus can give you nice art too. What I see when I don’t wear my specs basically. =x

At night.

We’d wanted to go to MBS but unfortunately I was too noob to know where to go. Lol I made us alight at the wrong stop (so paiseh) and the buses there weren’t that frequent so we had to go back or it would be too late.

Janning and I on the train! 😀

So that was the first meetup with her! Remember the cousins gathering thingy, it was to be on the 21 June.

We’d asked quite a few cousins, but unfortunately by the actual day itself, it was just Janning, Me, Danny and Wei Wen. Fortunately to be honest. 🙂 >1 person better than no one right?

Dinner was just Janning, Danny and I. Danny kept wanting to go to this place called “The Creation” at Shaw Centre (opposite Suntec that area) so we went!

I had pasta (can’t remember what) with chamomile tea and soup. Approximately $15. Not bad!

Wei Wen joined us after that and we took a group photo before heading to INK Club Bar.

Danny, Janning, Wei Wen and I. I know I’m the shortest

So we headed to INK! It’s a great place by the way. They had a guest trumpeter that day.

We had a drink each. Only Janning got an alcoholic drink. I was still under medication so didn’t dare. Next time perhaps! Love that place. Love the type of jazz music there. 🙂

We took another group pic together!

Benny was supposed to go on that day. But he had to OT till late (poor thing), and… he arranged for another meetup with Janning on the 22nd! 😀

I brought Huzz along coz he’s almost family (hee hee) and we were supposed to be watching a movie that day. He was okay that we weren’t going for the movie anyways 😀 Thanks bf!

I reached there quite late because I had to OT a bit as well as the fact that I got off the wrong stop. zzz Huzz and I went to look for Janning, then we headed to Xin Wang HK Cafe at Marina Square for dinner!

Had a good long chat (okay I was mostly observing) with Janning and Benny. Huzz was pretty entertained as well.

Group shots!

*Group pics and pics at INK are courtesy of Janning!! 😀

Well, it was a fufilling 3 days. I got to communicate with cousins Janning, Danny, Wei Wen and Benny. Learnt a lot about them that I didn’t know before. Basically the main reason was the age gap I feel and over the years, we just stopped talking much at Grandma’s and all. Pretty sad. But anyway, I am determined that one day, all of us cousins will be able to meetup like friends do outside of where we usually go to! In fact, I have this dream of having a photo of all of us 20+ cousins together. I will definitely print and frame it up if there comes such a day. I know that my cousins either like photography, or music or do something related to either one (e.g. singing, dancing, playing instrument, art, etc) and I belong to either one as well! I am very sure that we will all be good friends instead of only being related by blood.

Aiming for more of such outings! 😀

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