Jason Mraz in Singapore 2009 (5 March 09)

I have to confess, I did not buy the tickets on the first day the ticket sales opened. In fact, I’d only bought it after I returned from my Hong Kong Trip.

And I ended up buying the 2nd last $88 ticket. 😀

Not important, but anyway, I’ve been listening to Jason Mraz since 2002 when “The Remedy” first came out. In fact, I remember that I’d purposely memorised the lyrics to the rap of the song just so that I can sing it.

I was just a poor sec 2 kid then, so I didn’t buy his album (sadly).

He disappeared for a while after that, returning with Wordplay and also Geek in the Pink. In fact, I remember asking Hwa Swee once in the computer lab back in school who sang Geek in the Pink coz it was good and I hadn’t listened to the radio in a while at that point of time.

I missed his previous few performances in Singapore (Mosaic festival & SingFest) so this was a must go!

Enough about my story. Anyway, I’d reached SIS early that day, and bought a $45 tee shirt (so shoot me). Went to my seat early and started people watching and taking pictures.

Yea, I was pretty tired

One thing I don’t get is why so many people arrived after 8pm even though the concert was slated to start at 8. Grrr…

Anyway, if you want to know how a full house SIS looks like…

I didn’t take much pictures, coz it was pretty dark. I took a few videos though, and will embed them here when Facebook finish processing them.

Jason Mraz was amazing!!! It’s what I’d expected and MORE!!! He interacted with the audience, he danced, he even SANG OPERA!

Anyway, I was standing and dancing almost throughout the concert. The whole indoor stadium was doing so too! It’s a waste if you were there sitting and watching only. It was like one big party!! 😀

He also mimicked the saxophone.

Check out the video below (someone uploaded it on YouTube). I almost fainted when he sang OPERA!!!!

I just wished they’d planned up an encore. That was the only downside to the concert. I just wanted more songs!!

Songs I want to listen to him live: Love for a Child & Please Don’t Tell Her
The set list:

1. Dynamo of Volition
2. Geek in the Pink

3. (not sure)
4. You and I Both
5. Who Needs Shelter
6. Live High
7. Only Human
8. Beautiful mess
9. Make it Mine
10. I’m Yours
11. Three little Birds
12. Mr. Curiosity
13. The Remedy & Wonderwall
14. No Stopping Us
15. Butterfly

I want to go to a Jason Mraz concert again!!

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