Jamming session 27 May 2013.

Thought I should blog my thoughts since I seldom get to jam.
If I had my way, I would be jamming at least once a month.
But unfortunately things aren’t that easy.

Cover List:
1) The Remedy – Jason Mraz
2) When You Were Young – The Killers
3) What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club
4) Jenny – Walk The Moon
5) It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

1) Eugene – Guitar
2) Jing – Guitar
3) Phonse – Bass
4) PW – Keys/Vocals
5) Me – Drums

First time jamming with Phonse. Played with Jing at a competition back then. That was my first time in such an arrangement. Seems like a while ago but not really.

As you can see, the songs were generally rather indie rock, something that I’m not very familiar, with regards to playing. It was quite a challenge, and I learnt a lot too.

Not sure if it was coz of the run I had the previous week, but I realised that I couldn’t play the open-close hi-hat bits the whole of “Jenny” my usual way. I had to switch method of playing halfway throughout or risk not continuing the song.

Another thing after getting feedback from Eugene is that I seldom use toms. This I admit it’s true. If I first play a new song, I will usually get the basic stuff first before adding in the toms and fill-ins. This is my way of working I guess.

We did about almost an hour of random jamming (I was staring at the clock and playing on instinct/feel/gut – whatever you call it) which I thought was pretty good for most bits. Think I could do nicer for the hi-hats. And as always, not much of the toms.

Overall it was pretty okay for me, save the fact that it was awkward as I felt that I was trying to enter/join a new clique. Things can be improved definitely, and some things are more difficult than others, but I guess perhaps everything is a good experience.

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