I will keep my distance.

So my sister deleted me from her twitter that day.


She just don’t understand.

Granted, some people have told me that I should talk to her, I tried asking her why, and she was like “No reason”. THEN, she went to complain to my mum that I replied her too much. Ironic much? And yet someone was talking about having dialogues in the family when she doesn’t even want to speak the truth.

She was the one who added me on Twitter first – I’d signed up twitter years ago, back in 2007 when I was in Chengdu – and I hesitated to accept the request and thought for a long while about it. But then, I decided so because she is my sister afterall. If i could let my friends see what i think about things, I should let her too, and hence I accepted.

I guess all these isn’t appreciated at all. Just because I replied to help her, encourage her, and she gives me this kind of attitude in return.

She doesn’t know how hurt I am, and how kinship is important. She could have said nicely that she doesn’t like me replying. Whatever happened to dialogue? It’s all a lie.

This just reminded me of the Social Psychology of New Media module that I took in NUS. Social media kinda ruins lives like this, but it also teaches that we should learn how to communicate without it. If people choose to behave in this sort of manner, we cannot blame the social media but about offline communication. Most people do not know that because social media is now in such a big parts of our lives, we should actually learn how to deal with it and the emotional attachments that comes together.

I talked to Audrey about it, and she was in the same situation too. She told me that she doesn’t give a shit about it anymore. Some people just don’t understand kinship and that we care.

Anyway, I can see that she’s trying to be nice to me by talking now, but I just still feel damn annoyed and angry. Maybe it will pass someday.

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