hic’cup Concept Cafe

I have this potential client that I’m trying to get and their office is in Tanjong Pagar.

After a meeting once with them, I stumbled across this new mall called 100am.

It just so happened that I saw on Deal website a deal for a set meal at hic’cup Concept Cafe located at 100am, and bought a pair for Eugene and I.

So we went last Saturday!

hiccup concept cafe menu



My Candied Citron Tea. Made up of yuzu, honey and kanten strips. Soothes and beautifies me!!

Fruit and vegetable salad!

Eugene’s! Can’t remember what it’s called lol. But it’s milk and grass jelly! (Item doesn’t seem to be on the menu on their website hmm)

Carnivore crepe – Egg with ham (if I remember correctly) and some other toppings!

Surfer’s Dude crepe – Tuna with bonito flakes, mayo and some other toppings!

Their crepes are soft egg crepes. Not sure what the term for it is, but I know there’s another type that’s like without egg and harder.

The meal was definitely worth it! I was quite surprised about the portion of the drinks as we thought it would be a small cup. It’s a pleasantly big cup and we were quite full for dinner after that!

We got the meal through a deal, but the normal price is already quite affordable to be honest. Just $10.90 per set!


To find out more about hic’cup, check out their website:

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