Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (No Spoilers!!)

Just finished listening to JK Rowling’s reading of HP book 7. I must say, it’s very very exciting and all. Closing my eyes made me feel as though I’m reading the book itself. So why can’t I?

I’m here in China and my book’s in SG, at home with my sis. 🙁 Lucky her!! I really want to read it badly but unfortunately, my mum didn’t allow me to get Book 7 over here in China, even though it’s of a different cover. 🙁

This is the first time since book 5 that I don’t get to read the HP book on it’s release day.

Not only that, I still haven’t watch HP Movie 5, coz I think I’ll save the money till I return to SG. Over here, you pay SGD$10 to watch a movie that has been cut till you miss out important plots and all. 🙁


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