Halloween Horrors: Where the dead fairytale characters reside

Was invited to The Return of Halloween Horrors at Night Safari last night! πŸ˜€

Invited Charmelon (aka Charlene) along coz I haven’t seen her in quite a while πŸ™‚

The last time I went to Night Safari was 6 years ago during my first band camp (combined with SKSS). I don’t remember what happened that night except something that happened near the end of the visit. Some guys sat on a metal chain and broke it. -_-”

Anyway, after I got the invitation, I was pretty excited because this wasn’t going to be a normal Night Safari visit, but it includes The Return of Halloween Horrors. πŸ˜€

Every wondered where the dead fairytale characters go? They go to the Night Safari this month! πŸ˜€

Before we entered the Night Safari, we could hear lots of screams and laughter and wondered what was going on.

Charmelon spotted this:

This person was standing at the shadows. If Charmelon didn’t point her out to me, I wouldn’t have seen her at all. Creepy.

Oh. How did I know the seller’s a female?


There was Pinocchio! And Dracula, who roared at me after I said “thank you!” I guess it was his way of saying “Your welcome!”



Notice how they have different poses? πŸ™‚

I’ll let the pictures do the talking πŸ˜€

(At the reception area)

Melon and Aladin.

Tin man! Melon and my favourite character for the day. He doesn’t really scares people, but follows you around in a friendly way.

This pic didn’t show it, but his heart came out of his body so he died. πŸ™ Poor thing.

Cinderella had the glass slipper thrown on her head. Instant death.
My expression was supposed to be sombre -_-” I look weird.

Hunchback of Notre Dame (with Melon).

Joker? From the cards?
He scared Melon…

… I tried to scare him back.

Back for vengeance…

Head for sale…

the “black widow”? I have no idea but I think she’s pretty and resembles Angela Chang πŸ˜›

Oh and this jack-o-lantern display that they did was amazing! It’ll “stand up” and roar at people at different intervals. Love it!
I have a thing for jack-o-lanterns by the way. =/ No idea why!

Went on board the Train of Terror.

The first part was the normal tram ride that you get. It takes you through the usual tram path. However, the tram guide was speaking in a way that was supposed to scare us. She included lots of “Hahahahaha” in there (think: evil laughter) but it just got annoying at some point and we all were like “wah lau!!” >.< Oh and the dead will jump on your tram and grab you so be careful! πŸ˜› My fellow tram passengers were pretty fun to be with by the way. πŸ™‚ Read on to find out why.

Beast! Did Beauty kill him?

I think someone wanted her number? Then she screamed and followed the tram and he said “Ok ok sorry sorry!”

Didn’t manage to take all of the “dead”. They came pretty fast! One wolf-man even jumped in front of me, and someone behind shouted, “Relax, relax!”

After the tram ride, we decided to go on the…

What’s that??

Mangled body eh?

Jack-O-Lantern! πŸ˜€

It’s looking at you!

It had no legs.

I didn’t realise there was someone there at first.


haha kidding. He didn’t say that. He just roared at me so I roared back.

Poor guy who died of thirst while outfield. He’s fused with the bushes already. I offered him water and he stretched out his arm for it. Then I told him it was from my water bottle he gave a sian look and went back to his place. πŸ™

Charmelon almost ran away when he jumped out of the bushes about 1 second after I told her there was someone there. πŸ˜› Melon’s so cute la! πŸ™‚

Arms for sale…

Chinese vampire! He glows by the way. Look at my shirt glow too!

The last stage… If nothing jumps out at you over here…


Of course, your ticket entitles you to walk around the Night Safari which Melon and I did. Saw lots of animals other than those on the tram.

Like these mousedeers. πŸ˜€

See, we were scared till we’re sweating like that!

Had a great time!

Adult ticket (with Train of Terror ride): $35
Child ticket (with Train of Terror ride): $18
Adult ticket (admission only): $22
Child ticket (admission only): $11

Thanks to Omy.sg and Night Safari!

To find out more, visit The Return of Halloween Horrors website

*More pictures can be found at my Facebook album! πŸ˜€

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