Grandma’s Kitchen

The 13 of us were split nicely 7-6 yesterday after work for dinner. First batch and second batch. For the first time since the 9th of May, we were on our own, and they were on their own. 🙂

So, we went to Grandma’s Kitchen, this quite well-known Western restaurant in Chengdu. The prices were quite nice to look at (if you know what i mean) and we took a while to decide what to get. The waitresses could speak English, though not very well.

I ordered this sandwich called “Cheese Steak” but didn’t get to try it at all coz when Edmund‘s “Grandma’s Club Sandwich” came, everyone, including me, thought it was mine. I gave my sandwich to Edmund then.

My order, but I gave it to Edmund

Edmund’s Order

Yi Long’s Order: Pork Chop with mango sauce

Henry’s Order: Ham Sandwich

Jia Hui’s Order: Fried Chicken Burger

Hwa Swee’s Order: Big prawn pasta. I was reassured when I saw his order that I was right in not ordering seafood items in Chengdu

Cod Balls – like potatoes, but with a bit of fish meat

Salad! I ate the most for this

Bread that came with butter and this delicious green sauce

On the way back, the 6 of us talked about toilets. Haha. Totally random but it was an interesting topic. 😛

Kept thinking of HS Alumni Band today. Probably coz the first rehearsal starts tomorrow and I’m unable to be there. But well, I’m thinking of ways to get alumni to return and remain. Hopefully it’ll work 🙂

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