Genuine vs fake.

Was listening to the song that I listen to a lot recently (see previous post), and I suddenly thought of something.

I hang out with various people throughout these few years in my life, and I somehow can feel when someone is treating me nice genuinely or when they treat me nice because I am their friend. Trust me, all these makes a difference.

I used to have a crush on this guy in secondary school for years (refer to one of the older posts), and I knew that he treated me nice because he’s my friend. Even in recent years when we met up, I could feel that it was the sake of meeting up and not anything more. I wondered why I had a crush on him then. It’s like, nothing would totally have come out of it.

And then in recent years, I met new people who are truly genuinely happy to see me and chat with me, not for the sake of anything. They tell me to be careful because they are truly worried about me. They advise me not to look back because they can feel my pain. They send me pictures because they want to share their happiness with me.

You may think that I may be kidding myself with all these stuff and that these people don’t exist anymore. But they do, I have a really good sixth sense and instinct. Sometimes I may just ignore them but I can feel it. And today as I received another picture from a friend (if you follow me on twitter you’ll know what it is), I realised who these group of people are. I’m not saying that these people don’t exist outside these camp of people, maybe I just haven’t met them yet, but I’m just saying that majority come from these group.

They are people I know from Gakkai. 🙂

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