Alright, approximately 15 hours to my birthday, as well as Twin Dragon: Yi Long, Twin Vampire: Eve and long time friend Mei Yun. 😀

Anyway, we’ve been visiting different places for dinner each night, restaurants/eateries that we have visited before for one last meal there. I’ve been taking pictures of all the food that we’ve been eating every night. Below are the few stuff that I’ve ate for the past 6 days. I’ll compile a whole list of eateries at the end of this whole attachment. 🙂

Ikea’s Baked herb salmon

Ikea’s meatballs!

Kimchi! One of my favourite side dish around here. 🙂

Very salty congee

“Hotpot” aka steamboat.

KFC’s New Orlean’s burger

KFC’s salad, Chinese Version: Lotus roots and mixed vegetables

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