Elves Lab Taiwan Trip 2012 (22-26 Feb)

I realised that I haven’t blogged about the Taiwan trip!! So here’s a short one!

I took quite a lot of pics, but edited to the 400+ left on my Facebook.

We were all quite lucky to be honest, because we had Ryan, a local, to bring us around. And he knew places that Singaporeans won’t usually visit when they go to TW, like 石门水库, the top of this dead volcano, this hot spring place that locals know about, and showed us things that Taiwanese do, eat and drink at leisure. It was quite cool that his uncle knew a lot of people and we were able to go to some places at a discounted price.

Of course, we did visit the usual like Yeh Liu Geopark, XiMenDing, Shilin, Raohe, Taipei 101 and we saw Sakura!

The temperature there was pretty cold, ranging from 10-14 degrees and it rained everyday.

Oh and I saw a cute eye candy this trip (haha just like the last trip!)

Some pictures:

When we arrived.

Ryan, first time seeing him after a few months. Gosh I miss him now

Reminds me of HK tbh

Our awesome hotel

Day 1 view from room. The only day it didn’t rain.

Their temporary “ez-link” pass


Awesome 鲁肉饭 braised meat rice

Their fried oyster omelette, exactly the same as the 8 Degrees Taiwan bistro in SG

Some pig’s parts… No one else dared to try it. 😡

White bitter gourd with mandarin pear juice – AWESOME. Not everyone liked it though.

BBT. We have this in SG?

Everyone, from taxi drivers, to hotel bellboys, in TW is just damn nice, except towards mainland Chinese from what i observed =/

Pig’s blood and smelly tofu soup. Brave enough to try it, and it’s just damn nice

Fishing. I felt that this was a bit too cruel so I refused to try.


At Yehliu. I love rocks and history.

The hotspring place where we had a free hotspring ticket after we had our meal. Had to be totally nude, but had our own private hot spring bath haha

Dead volcano, 小油坑, visibility was bad and all we saw at the top was fog 🙁

花海 where there was a farm.



Floating on 石门水库! I feel so lucky to be able to do this.

冰糖葫芦 They look like little faces with sunglasses haha

View from the top

The cute guy 🙂

Took train to the top to put these lanterns.

Awesome soya bean stuff here

The salty beancurd was surprisingly better than the sweet one.

Overrated. Food is just like normal foodcourt stuff

Beef curry

With Ryan

My loot

That’s all! I guess I will go back to TW someday, but I kinda like HK better =/ Maybe it’s due to my roots. Both have their own pros and cons.

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