Saw a girl self-mutilating her wrists at the stairwell a few blocks away on my way home.

I thought that trend was over?

I wanted to ask if she’s okay. But her penknife was super big. Those big kind. I am a coward for fear that she might throw it at me.

I’ve seen so many people I know who do that to get attention. Though i don’t really know what the proper psychologist’s explanation for it is.

It doesn’t shock me anymore as it did so many years ago.

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  1. wah how you noticed her, few blocks away neh LOL!

    i never try self-mutilating my wraist before la BUT
    sometimes if is rrly crying or frustrated till a certain extreme stage,
    i’ll ‘rub’ my hands or even legs (skin against skin) leh HAHA.

    guess everyone got their own method to 发泄 😀

  2. I saw her coz I walked past when she was cutting >.<

    Last time I used to like whack the tables or doors until my hands turned very red. Only when I stopped crying then i realised the pain.

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