Could be the changing of the seasons.

Everyone always tells you how stressful it is to join a new company or get a new job.

No one really tells you how stressful it is leaving a company.

Packing up is the hard.

Telling your clients you’re leaving is harder.
People ask “Why?”

Why did I want to leave?
Because I am tired of working here? Because I really want to see how it is like out there? Because I’ve finally had enough?

So many answers to this, that I cannot really pinpoint a reason, so I just tell them it’s because I’ve ben here for so long already and they usually just nod.

I’ve met so many different people the past almost 5 years working here. Majority of them are awesome people, but there are a few who really stood out in a bad way. Like that first client that boss ever sacked.

Then I’ve met a pretty famous singer, a sports commentator, and a Gakkai member even.

Not sure how it will be like at that new place. But for now, I’ll only ask for forgiveness if I become cranky. I’m both physically and mentally stressed right now, despite trying to not think about it.

Could be the changing of the seasons, but I hope to be back to myself soon.

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