Code XtremeApps Prize Presentation

Woke up early this morning to attend Code Xtreme Apps Prize Presentation. I didn’t plan to go for it coz I didn’t feel like watching others receive their awards on stage (yea, I’m not a good sport at times =X That’s why I don’t go for speech days unless it’s because I’m receiving an award) and listening to talks (ok was joking about the former part of the sentence. lol). But Mr Gary Lim (henceforth known as Gary) sent us an email telling us that Melissa‘s team, BAM2 will be there to receive a Merit award for their work on the prize presentation day so I decided to go and cheer for them, plus see what the winning team offered. I’d missed the RSVP date, but as Gary had reserved seats for all of us from NYP, I was able to register my name in at the last minute.

Met Hwa Swee, Olive, Edison, Scott, Ken, Karen, Chuan Lim and some people who I recognise by face in school on the way there. Yi Long and his uncle (who’d fetched him there) was there already by the time we reached.

They had the prize presentation first (Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan was the VIP) and then the seminar. The seminar wasn’t bad except that it wasn’t of my forte so I had no idea what was going on. =X And then a tea break where we had some food.

The prize winners (2 teams won 3rd prize but one team was unable to attend) showcased their work during the tea break. Honestly, I have to say what they’d done was quite good given the time limit of 24 hours. I don’t think I shall comment much about the applications (lest readers might think I’m jealous or something 😛 ), but congratulations to all the winning teams! 🙂

Went for lunch with everyone else and Gary at Ramen Ten. Had Oyaku Chicken Noodles. Not that bad. Enjoyed the soup and the handmade noodles, but I think I like Ajisen’s noodles better.

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