Chengdu 成都

Pardon for the Mandarin words over here for those who can’t read Mandarin.

Some of the English translation of the food might not sound so er, appetizing, but it actually is nothing much.

Food tried Can’t remember all the names, will try to recall them again when I encounter them
回锅肉 – fried bacon with chilli
鱼香肉丝 – meat slice with chilli and vegetables
麻辣火锅 – spicy steam boat
玉米鸡丁 – corn fried with chicken
鹅肠 – geese intestine
豆腐干 – dried fried beancurd
紫菜汤 – Seaweed Soup
番茄炒蛋 – Fried tomato and egg
苦瓜炒蛋 – Fried bittergourd and egg
四季豆 – A type of beans. Directly translates to “Four season beans”.
牦牛肉 – Yak’s meat (tastes like beef)
兔肉 – Rabbit’s meat (tastes like chicken + beef)
糖醋理鸡 – Sweet and sour chicken
榨菜肉丝炒饭 – “Sichuan” vegetable fried rice
榨菜肉丝 – “Sichuan” vegetable and meat
水煮肉 – Pork in spicy gravy (similar to hotpot gravy)
苦瓜炒蛋 – Fried bitter gourd with eggs

Restaurants/Eateries Visited
Pizza Hut
Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant
Hollywood Cafe
Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill
Grandma’s Kitchen

Places visited
天府广场 – Tianfu Square
国色天乡 – Floraland Theme Park
天府软件园 – Tianfu Software Park (not a place of interest)
九寨沟 – Jiu Zhai Gou
黄龙 – Huang Long aka Yellow Dragon (a mountain)
熊猫基地 – Panda Adventure
春熙路 – Chun Xi Road (Orchard Road Equivalent)
白联天府购物中心 – Bai Lian Tian Fu Shopping Centre (shopping centre with KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, Ajisen, Arcade, etc)
乐山 – Le Shan
峨眉山 – E-Mei Mountain
锦里 – Jin Li (a street selling souvenirs)
武侯祠 – Wu Hou Ci
杜甫草堂 – Du Fu’s Tatched Cottage
青羊宫 – Qing Yang Gong (a Taoist Palace)
永陵 – Yong Lin Mausoleum

Places of interest to visit
都江堰 – Du Jiang Irrigation System

Terms used here which are different from SG
Spoon – China: 勺子 SG:汤匙
Air-conditioner – China: 空调 SG:冷气机
Waiter/Waitress – China: 服务员 SG:小姐
Cold (to describe drinks) – China:冻 SG:冷
Taxi – China:出租车 SG:德士
Porridge – China:稀饭 SG:粥
Potato – China:土豆 SG:番薯
“Sichuan” vegetable – China:榨菜 SG:四川菜
Packet noodles (a.k.a. Maggi Mee) – China:方便面 SG:泡面/快熟面
Can (drinks) – China:听 SG:罐
Yun Tun/ “Wan Tan” – Chengdu: 抄手 SG:云吞
Bittergourd – Chengdu:青瓜 SG:苦瓜 (even though they do call it 苦瓜 as well)

Other facts
– The sign for 7 in SG actually means 8 over here.
– Never flush tissue paper in the toilets unless you are very sure that the paper won’t choke up the sewage system.
– They don’t have car towing companies here; the police tow cars.

Blog Entries relating to my OPP trip

Chengdu (11 April – 13 August 2007)


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