5th day in Taiwan.

Been doing a lot of thinking today, and really wondering if I should put up with more nonsense again next year?

My current favourite song. Can’t stop listening to it >.< "So maybe I should put up a fight I'll call them back and borrow a box knife So I can learn to live with all the stupid shit I've been doing since '99" Found out that my suspicions about my friend is true. Really really really amazed with my ability to infer things based on words, actions, and behaviour. Not the first time too hehehehe. 90% accuracy. Missed out on Eugene's wyd:syd performance, but got to see photographs of my photograph of wyd:syd on the papers. Hahaha. Very surreal.

Can’t wait to see Eugene tonight >.< I miss him so much.

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3rd trip in 2012: Random HK Trip with Desmond, Kailun and KT (13 – 18 June 2012) – Not a typical HK trip!

Long overdued post I know! But I shall post this up still! ๐Ÿ˜€

I did random stuff. A lot. This year.

So one of the most random and expensive thing I did was to agree and book tickets to Hong Kong one Sunday.
It was after Desmond told me about the SIA offer that they’re giving to Hong Kong. He wanted to go with his gf, but the catch is that in order to enjoy the offer, a minimum of 3 people are required.

Within 15 mins I made my decision, and by the afternoon, a flight booking was made. Hahahaha.

I was determined that this trip will allow me to visit places that I have never been to at HK. I was a little worried at the beginning that because of my youth (haha), Desmond and his gf Kailun will not allow me to venture to places alone. But in the end, everything was pretty spontaneous, we changed plans a bit, and I was able to fulfil my HK to do list! haha so awesome!!

Anyway, this trip was pretty good, as I made new friends with Kailun and her colleague (who joined us and was real great help. Achieved lots of things that I wanted to, which mainly would be to explore more of HK. ^^

This trip was the week before my BKK trip, and naturally, my boss was rather angry. haha. But oh wells.

Anyways, here goes!!

Night 1 (14 June)
Watched a few movies on the plane. SQ is awesome.

I had a near panic on the plane when I realised that by the time we reached HK, it would nearly be past midnight. AND that realisation that you may not get a room coz it’s “the next day” sucks. Haha. Immediately called up the hotel upon landing to make sure that I would still have my room.

Anyway, Kian Tong (KT), who is Kailun’s colleague at work could speak cantonese!! So he was the one who got a cab for us to where our hotels are located.

I checked in to my pleasantly nice hotel room at Guang Dong Hotel with 2 single beds however (no wonder they’re expensive!), and afterwards went downstairs to meet them to walk around. The place was located near lots of pubs and bars, and I got disturbed by a foreigner within 5 mins of going downstairs -.-

All for myself~

So anyway, KT was really familiar with the area and we walked around, bought a SIM card, snacks, and then went back to the hotel for the night. I really settled down pretty fast. It was rather scary to be alone in a quiet hotel room, but I enjoyed the freedom quite a bit to be honest!

Day 1 (15 June)
Woke up rather early!

Kinda miss these kind of views!

Desmond and Kailun

I remembered that KT told us about this nice dim sum place which had “life changing ๆตๆฒ™ๅŒ…” so we headed there. It was a bit weird at first, as I don’t know KT at all, but after this meal, it was all pretty okay! He’s a bio teacher I think?

The place is ๆทปๅฅฝ่ฟ (Tim Ho Wan in Cantonese) [Link at Open Rice]

Awesome chee cheong fun

One of my favourite dessert. Flower with jelly… ๆก‚่Šฑ็ณ•๏ผ lol but they don’t do it like they do in HK!

the ๆตๆฒ™ๅŒ…! But didn’t take the insides. VERY YUMMY THOUGH.

Then they headed to the big Buddha at Lantau Island. As I’ve been there twice, I decided not to go up again. Hung out around Citygate Outlet shopping centre, mainly to buy Body Shop stuffs, use the free Wifi, and just slack.

Saw quite a few Singaporeans.

Afterwards, I headed off myself to a Nunnery!! Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden. They’re just side by side. Wanted to go somewhere quieter instead of seeing the noisy HK all the time!

Pretty exciting btw, travelling to the unknown. But anyway, HK is very accessible and there are loads of directions all over so I didn’t get lost.

The Garden.

Some rock exhibition

It got dark pretty soon! So I headed back to look for the rest to have dinner! Can’t remember what was the place we ate at haha.

Brought them to Tuttimelon Lolol.

Day 2 (16 June)
We met up again to have breakfast! KT brought all of us to this really hidden place to eat Tomato noodles!! I was a bit apprehensive at first, coz tomatoes are usually sour, but I tell you, once you eat one mouth of it, you want more!!!

It’s called ๆ˜Ÿๅบงๅ†ฐๅฎค Star Cafe

Shop No. 36, Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Very ulu and rather old


We shopped around if I remembered correctly, then headed to another place for more food.
This time, at this place where they shot a famous movie! Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the movie. LOL

Goldfinch Restaurant

Ok, not I realised that we were basically eating the whole day LOL. KT brought us to eat “life changing wantan noodles” which turned out to be Mak’s Noodles!!

They were life changing indeed. I can’t really eat the Wantan noodles in Singapore anymore since the first time I had them last year.

They went to the Peak after that, and as I’d been to the Peak three times (YES -.-), I decided to hang around their Causeway Bay area and just nua.

Found their City Hall which is like our Esplanade

War memorial

Finally stepped into the church grounds after so many times

After that I think I hung out at this cafe near the Peak to wait for them, and then we went back. haha.

Day 3 – 17 June
Didn’t do much on day 3. Had dim sum for breakfast again!
This place apparently is famous with superstars and it’s quite interesting how it’s underground.

One of the baos is famous, but can’t remember which one 4 months on (now) >.<

Kailun, KT and I did a bit of shopping, and I got a nice leopard print umbrella. Lol. Desmond went to meet someone in the music industry in HK which links to his work here in SG.

We had some bo luo bun too. Haha. Eat eat eat non stop!

After that I set off myself to a monastry – Ching Chung Koon ้’ๆพ่ง€. Hahaha everyone must feel that I’m trying to be funny. But anyways, just wanted to see something different in Hong Kong that not everyone in SG will go!

Unfortunately it was raining, but was still having loads of fun with the travelling all the way to New Territories! It’s a really really different place from the Hong Kong that everyone goes to.

their LRT station.
You have the liberty to whether you want to tap your card in and out at the station. But of course, most people actually do tap it. took me a while to figure out what I’m supposed to do.

Rainy Rainy Day.

Pretty nice actually.

Met a black cat after I felt eyes staring at me from a chair. Hahaha. Quite cute but i didn’t dare to touch it.

Slacked in my hotel room for a few hours, got bored watching Tv so ended up drawing eye liner, etc HAHAHA. Then met the rest for dinner after that.

Kai Lun‘s


Oh we went to watch a HKCO ensemble performance that night. Free tickets because of Desmond’s connection! They were damnnn good! And I got to see the chinese version of a cello. Didn’t take pics, but just wow!

Then I brought them to eat BBQ food at ๅคฉๅŽ (tin hau) and also at some famous dessert shop. hurhur. Very glad that I could still remember how to go lol.

Then we went to Stars Avenue. My 3rd time there >.< Don't go during summer. It's kinda warm but windy.

I didn’t take a pic of this before.

Quite late afterwards!

Day 4 (18 June)
Final day!! There’s a highlight for this HK trip, which was Lamma Island! I’d originally planned to go on the 2nd day, but as Desmond and Kailun wanted to go as well, so we changed it to another day. The me had a very huge struggle to whether I should stick to my plan or change it. In the end, I decided to change the day accordingly as it would be more fun with friends anyway!

I did not know that to go from one part of the island to another, you’ll have to HIKE. -.-! All the books and websites that I’d read about Lamma Island, did NOT mention it. oh gosh.

2 hours hike omg. We discovered that only after we walked along the path and it just got higher and higher.

Oh by the way, there’s a life changing tao huay along the way, that’s SUPER WORTH THE HIKE. The view at the top is also just amazing!

Lamma Island is a really quaint little place, and to be honest, it’ll be cool to live there and just chill after retirement. Hahaha.

To get there, you’ll have to take a ferry. Just ask around and you’ll be able to find the pier for Lamma Island. There are 2 ferry terminals at Lamma Island, just choose one and hike to the other one there.

Just chio

Some oily fried rice there

Oh ya, one quaint little thing there is that they don’t have full-sized vehicles there. Only small stuff like these, and little non-petrol cars I think? Even these vehicles aren’t allowed to be driven around during the day or something.

Oh and they have loads of dogs around:

Pit for dogs to poo

Life changing tou fu

Electricity Generators for the island i think


Now comes the difficult part after the beach -.-!

So high up. Do note that I was carrying my fieldpack -.-


Desmond and Kailun. KT is camera shy

They have farm plots

The scary kamikaze caves. Apparently the Japanese used these caves to hide speedboats for the Kamikaze missions. >.<
At the other side

Some drink. Can’t remember but it was damn good

Basically after that, I had a bad headache and felt like puking so I stayed the rest of my last day in the hotel room -.-!
Kailun and Desmond delivered dinner to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Final meal of the trip with them!!

Basically I pretty much enjoyed this trip! Went to new places, discovered interesting stuff and got to know Desmond and his gf better!! Sometimes in life, it’s awesome to just do something random!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Grab any opportunity that you have!

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4th trip in 2012: Bangkok 2012! (22-25 June 2012)

Have you ever attended a Thai wedding?

Neither did I until in June. My cousin Danny’s now wife, Peung is a Thai, and we went over to Bangkok for a Thailand wedding.

It’s my sister and my first trip to Thailand, and we were pretty excited then. Though to be honest, after hearing a story about my cousin’s godsis’s friend, we are kinda scared. But I still like shopping in Thailand.

Those of us who went were: Si Ku, Si Kim, Sa Yi, Donny (his GF arrived later), Joey (Don’s god sis), Mon (Joey’s friend), Jack and his wife (Dan’s friend), Dua Kim, my sis and I.

Anyways, my cousin Danny booked a bus for us and upon arrival, he picked us up at the airport.

We stayed at Golden Tulip Soverign Hotel. So far the most atas hotel that I stayed in.

FIrst time got black label.

Bathroom has a shower thingy and bath tub. Size of bathroom is like 3/4 my bedroom in SG.

Went to Platinum first for shopping. 2 hours weren’t enough. Heck, one day wasn’t enough too.

We walked to MBK for dinner. Walked because my cousin said it’s near but yea we forgot that their “near” and SG is different haha.

100 Baht lol.

Mango Sticky rice (my sis’s)

Hahaha. A funny episode happened here. I took out the chicken skin coz it was wayy too oily for my liking (and tasteless too). Dan and Don were like “why did you not eat the skin?!?!” Hahahaha

I think during this trip, our relatives realised that we are very healthy.

Day 2 – 23 June

Day 2 saw us vising Chatuchak (aka JJ Market). Sis and I followed Joey and Mon around as all are girls.
They brought us to the animals section and also clothes section.

Saw lots of animals including those flying squirrels and rats! Unfortunately they don’t allow photos for some.

Spot the kitty

Got a cat collar for Midnight coz his was almost falling apart.

We had lunch at one of the stalls, that Joey said was the cleanest amongst the rest.
Food was absolutely delicious.

We had some coconut ice cream and drink. Treat by Joey. Yums!

We went back to Platinum, where we got a lot more clothes again. muahaha.
Sis and I got the timing wrong. So we ended up waiting for Joey and Mon and while waiting we had some ice cream thingy from Ice Monster.

Continued shopping, and by the time we came out, there was a brilliant sunset outside Platinum. A lot of people stopped to take pics.

Joey wanted to bring us to this place to eat King Prawns. But she couldn’t find it, so we stopped to eat at this really cosy place owned by a Granny. Food was damn good. Pity I didn’t get the name ๐Ÿ™

Milk baked pork. Damn good. Gravy was awesome!

Tom Yum soup.

Fish cake!

Lala! (Clams)

Morning Glory aka Kang Kong! Wah I didn’t know that!

Thai Curry!

The lady will take a picture of you using her digital cam. Do spot me if you’re there! They have pictures on their walls!

Then we took a tuk tuk and met with Donny and his gf Viviana.
That was when we heard the scary story >.< Basically it was about one of their friend's gf being taken away just suddenly. Lost for a few months now ๐Ÿ™ WE went to eat some Fish Porridge at a roadside stall.

Awesome soymilk.

Aaand, we got some insects to try! Woohoo!! One off my to do list. haha
We got these. No idea what they are haha:

Haha. Joey took a video of me and Mon trying. My sis tried one too. Don didn’t dare hahaha.

Went for manicure and pedicure. 400 Baht including painting of finger nails. As we were wearing shoes, they said it will ruin painting of the nails so they would rather not do it at all.

Mine’s the one on the right.

Day 3 – 24th June
Day 3 was Danny’s wedding day!!
We woke up early for breakfast (hotel buffet), and then went for the tea ceremony.

Thailand’s tea ceremony is rather different from SG. Or maybe because this was held at a hotel? It was pretty grand and staged like a talk show. I didn’t know what was going on half the time. haha.

They hired a professional photographer for this, and had lots of lighting set up, so I had an awesome time shooting pictures. The lighting was just awesome and a dream come true.

Here are some of my photos:

My cousin Donny

Danny and his proud mum!

Waiting for the ceremony to start!

SG people who went

Then we had the wedding lunch.. The culture’s really different from SG, in which, if you’re late, you don’t get to eat the food that was served earlier that’s all.

We found out how Danny and Peung met!

Danny got a bit emotional. Aww!

Anyway, in the afternoon, we followed Uncle Alex and Aunt Lilian to a shopping centre, walked around and had “dirt cheap” Swenson’s!

And some awesome dinner afterwards:

At night, we went to the skybar to chill and drink the free drinks that were given to us by the hotel.

Day 4 – 25th June
Last Day! We went to Chinatown for a walk. Nothing much there but really cheap items to buy wholesale.
Had a great lunch, and bought some really cheap stuff to sell.

They had some miniature exhibition thing there at Grand China Princess Hotel.


Went back to the hotel lobby to chill.

Had a great experience, and I think it’s just awesome to be able to travel with family! We bonded closer, despite some unhappiness, but I kinda like how I feel comfortable just chatting and hanging out with everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Would love to have another family trip again!

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Elves Lab Taiwan Trip 2012 (22-26 Feb)

I realised that I haven’t blogged about the Taiwan trip!! So here’s a short one!

I took quite a lot of pics, but edited to the 400+ left on my Facebook.

We were all quite lucky to be honest, because we had Ryan, a local, to bring us around. And he knew places that Singaporeans won’t usually visit when they go to TW, like ็Ÿณ้—จๆฐดๅบ“, the top of this dead volcano, this hot spring place that locals know about, and showed us things that Taiwanese do, eat and drink at leisure. It was quite cool that his uncle knew a lot of people and we were able to go to some places at a discounted price.

Of course, we did visit the usual like Yeh Liu Geopark, XiMenDing, Shilin, Raohe, Taipei 101 and we saw Sakura!

The temperature there was pretty cold, ranging from 10-14 degrees and it rained everyday.

Oh and I saw a cute eye candy this trip (haha just like the last trip!)

Some pictures:

When we arrived.

Ryan, first time seeing him after a few months. Gosh I miss him now

Reminds me of HK tbh

Our awesome hotel

Day 1 view from room. The only day it didn’t rain.

Their temporary “ez-link” pass


Awesome ้ฒ่‚‰้ฅญ braised meat rice

Their fried oyster omelette, exactly the same as the 8 Degrees Taiwan bistro in SG

Some pig’s parts… No one else dared to try it. ๐Ÿ˜ก

White bitter gourd with mandarin pear juice – AWESOME. Not everyone liked it though.

BBT. We have this in SG?

Everyone, from taxi drivers, to hotel bellboys, in TW is just damn nice, except towards mainland Chinese from what i observed =/

Pig’s blood and smelly tofu soup. Brave enough to try it, and it’s just damn nice

Fishing. I felt that this was a bit too cruel so I refused to try.


At Yehliu. I love rocks and history.

The hotspring place where we had a free hotspring ticket after we had our meal. Had to be totally nude, but had our own private hot spring bath haha

Dead volcano, ๅฐๆฒนๅ‘, visibility was bad and all we saw at the top was fog ๐Ÿ™

่Šฑๆตท where there was a farm.



Floating on ็Ÿณ้—จๆฐดๅบ“! I feel so lucky to be able to do this.

ๅ†ฐ็ณ–่‘ซ่Šฆ They look like little faces with sunglasses haha

View from the top

The cute guy ๐Ÿ™‚

Took train to the top to put these lanterns.

Awesome soya bean stuff here

The salty beancurd was surprisingly better than the sweet one.

Overrated. Food is just like normal foodcourt stuff

Beef curry

With Ryan

My loot

That’s all! I guess I will go back to TW someday, but I kinda like HK better =/ Maybe it’s due to my roots. Both have their own pros and cons.

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2D1N Kelong Trip (Hotboys Kelong)

Had a 2D1N Kelong trip with Elves Lab 2 weekends ago (29-30 August). It was quite an experience! The kelong’s located near Mersing, Malaysia. We took a speedboat out to sea. Scary but exciting.

We went to Hotboys Kelong btw!

I was kinda excited at first, then got pretty scared, coz I had no idea what a kelong is like. The only thing I know about is the Sotong catching. Which sounded quite cool coz I love eating sotong and I wonder how they look like when caught. Lol.

Not the same for fishes though. =/

Anyway, the exciting part was basically when we took a speedboat from the jetty to the kelong. Haha and actually that was pretty much it. Unless you count fishing! Which to be honest was pretty fun!

The place reminds me of dad’s home in Malaysia, wooden house, dark in the day, and even the toilet feels the same! The kelong’s toilet is just a hole out into the sea though. I think some of my colleagues weren’t used to it. =/

Anyway, had loads of fun, and even visited this shopping centre (Jusco Tebrau) where I got to communicate in Malay (not fluently though) with the locals. Many of them can’t speak English, so it’s a wonder how most Singaporeans communicate with them. =/ Even Wee Siang and I who can understand some Malay can’t really catch what they said (they speak really fast).

But the thing is, they’re patient. After being in China and Hong Kong for a few times and the locals just treat you like crap when they don’t understand you, this is a really huge change in environment and improvement and it made me really happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, some of the pictures are as follows. Really love my phone haha.

I caught 4 fishes. and this is the last one.

I got my wish and saw a live sotong. Do you know they are transparent when they are alive? They turn white only after they die.

The dishes were awesome btw! Definitely worth the trip there!
We paid about $150 per person (including bus there and back).

More pics on my facebook page.

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Elves Lab Hong Kong Trip 2009 – Day 2 & 3 (17 Jan & 18 Jan)

Day 2 (17 Jan)
I decided to boil hot water using the flask. Thankfully, the state of the hot water flask wasn’t like what I’d seen in China. I rinsed it and boiled hot water and enjoyed tea. =D I’d gotten up pretty early and noticed Summer’s sneezing so I poured a cup of hot water for her. =) She said it helped with her blocked nose. yay.

We got up and waited for boss to come down. Then we seperated for breakfast again (Faizal had to eat fast food because the rest of the stuff weren’t halal; boss and eddie accompanied him). Summer, Ainee, Valerine and I went to this small place for breakfast. I had coffee with noodles Char Siew (BBQ pork). And yeah, they give you Maggi noodles at most places.

Took the MTR again and went to this cable car station that will bring us to Ngong Ping 360. Basically, the cable car was pretty exciting coz it was wayyy high up, and all. The main point of being up there was to see a big Buddha statue.

Summer treat us to some jelly and desserts there.

My mango tofu ice dessert

Ai Nee’s Mango Pudding

Then it was a whole day of shopping again. Ai Nee and I went to KFC to rest at one point and I tried their Pop Corn Fish. Haha. It was kinda like fish fillet just that in small size.

We had dinner at a Malaysian restaurant (though run by Fillippinos I believe from their accent). The food was told to cook specially.

Then Eddie, Faizal and I went shopping and I bought a pair of sunglasses for SGD$10. ๐Ÿ˜€

Back to the hotel and watched Discovery Channel with Ai Nee and Summer till late.

I slept on the sitting room’s couch that day. ๐Ÿ™‚ It feels like my bed.

Day 3 (18 Jan)
I woke up pretty early (7am), watched Mr Deeds on AXN (Adam Sandler leh, how not to resist?) then went back to sleep. Woke up again at 8+ and watched Discovery Channel again.

Faizal knocked on the door pretty early. Then afterwards, he and Eddie came by and I invited them in the sitting room to watch Discovery Channel with Ai Nee and I. Summer was packing.

Had Yun Tun Noodles and tried a bit of Chee Cheong Fun for breakfast. The Yun Tun is HUGE!! And I counted 6 prawns in one of them. How about that? In SG, they are so small that sometimes you don’t really eat anything except the meaat.

Oh and I had a blueberry cheese cake while waiting for the rest to return to the hotel after more shopping.

A cab fetched us back.

Did shopping at the airport after we checked in. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was lucky to get the window seat on the plane. So got to see all the lights from the islands that we passed by and even the ships!! Singapore is pretty at night. No wonder there aren’t any stars. Haha. It’s like super bright at night.

Lights from ships wayyy down below. Haha the pictures don’t make much sense I know.

Thanks to Mr Quek for asking me along for the trip!

This made Hong Kong the 3rd country I’ve visited (the other 2 being Malaysia and China).

To view all the pictures (not in chronological order though), click here: http://photobucket.com/elveslabhktrip09

Day 1 and Day 2

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Elves Lab Hong Kong Trip 2009 – Day 1 (16 Jan)

Cool eh? I took this pic and came up with the idea.
L to R: Eddie, Summer, Faizal and Ai Nee – My fellow colleagues at Elves Lab

Before I start posting about what happened on the 3 days of my trip with Mr Quek, Valerine, Faizal, Eddie, Summer & Ai Nee, let me recall some stuff that I’ve learnt in general through observation when I was in Hong Kong.

1. Majority of the Hong Kongers wear black coats/jacket.
2. Ask for the price of things only after you’ve decided that you want to buy. Otherwise, don’t ask anything.
3. Speak in English whenever you can as the Chinese that we speak can be mistaken as Mainland Chinese.
4. Many in Hong Kong eat and then leave after they’ve finish their food immediately. They don’t sit on the table and linger.
5. Because of point number 4, it is pretty easy to find a place at any eateries as you can share a table with others.
6. The MTR system is kinda like a cross of Singapore’s old magnetic card system (their one trip card) and ez-link card (their Octopus card).
7. To be honest, the cost of their food and travel is expensive than in Singapore.
8. Visit any stores with the word “outlet” on it and you’ll find that the prices there are lower than what we get in the same brand of store in Hong Kong and Singapore.
9. You’ll find 7-Eleven stores everywhere.
10. “Mm Goi” is used everywhere and at any sort of situation. It means “Excuse me” and/or “Thank you”

16 Jan 09 (Day 1)
Dad fetched me to the airport rather early. I reached there at 3.30am even though the flight was due to leave only at 6.40am. Smsed Eddie and he said he was on his way. So I went to sit at one of the benches when Faizal appeared. Haha Turns out I didn’t notice him sitting at another set of benches. When Eddie arrived, the 3 of us went to the Kiliney Kopitiam stall where I had a cup of coffee and they had their breakfast. Then boss and his gf arrived and we went to look for them.

We checked in, walked around somemore, and they ate somemore. Valerine talked to me about hair stuff. lol.

Okay. We took JetStar flight 3K 691. The plane size was just like the Silkair one I took when I went to and from Chengdu. Budget airlines are just cheaper by about SGD$100 this season and because of that $100, they don’t have:
– blankets
– hot food
– drinks
– poker cards

Not that I’m complaining. I’m more like comparing ๐Ÿ˜› I bought a drink at about the 2nd half of the journey as I was dying of thirst. Cost me $3 for a can drink. =S

Actually I took this picture to check if my eyes are bloodshot coz it felt weird

Basically, Faizal, Summer, Ai Nee and Eddie slept throughout the whole journey so i had no one to talk to =/ Read Heroes: Saving Charlie book that I borrowed from the library (Hiro became someone else so different from who he was by the end of the book seriously – but more about that in another post).

Hong Kong airport’s by the sea!! Quite interesting. I didn’t know anything much about HK before I flew there. I didn’t know how big/small it was, how many people lived there, etc. Unlike Chengdu where Ms Lam made us do researches on it before we went. Haha. And even though I’m of a Cantonese dialect, i can only say 3 sentences in Cantonese. But I do understand a bit of Cantonese.

There was a bus that Summer booked through the hotel (forgot the term called) that picked us up. Journey to the hotel was super long though. About 20mins?

We stayed in a hotel called City View hotel. Had to wait for the previous occupants to check out first so we camped and left our stuff in Eddie and Faizal’s room. Oh ya, the temperature was rather cool. Like around 18 degrees. Pretty interesting how I forgot how nice the breeze feels like even though I’ve experienced real spring in China about 1 year ago.

We went to this eatery for our lunch. It was almost 9 hours since I ate something so I didn’t really care where we ate and what. But I had this really delicious noodle with seafood and black beans and the portion was HUGE! I forgot how big food servings were already. =)

We then took the MTR from Yau Ma Tei to Lai Chee Kok where there is this whole building selling clothes at a super low price.

Some shops only cater to wholesalers though. I got a belt at HK$7 (~SGD$1.40) for my mum. And the quality isn’t those lousy sort too. In fact, it was better than the SGD$4 belt I bought in Aries the other day. Also bought 2 necklaces (my sis and I could share or she can take one).

Basically we shopped and went to Time Square for more shopping for a few more hours, then took the MTR again (can’t remember the stop name though) and took a bus to The Peak.

When we walked out of the MTR station, it was dark outside and I didn’t notice the time until I was on the bus. I expected the watch to show 8pm but it was oly 6.45pm! Look at SG now. It’s 7.30pm as I’m typing this and it’s still bright outside.

The Peak, is at the top of a mountain. Quite high, and you have to buy a ticket to take a tram that brings you all the way up. My boss bought tickets for Madame Tussaud’s and because the queue was shorter than the queue for the entrance ticket, we got in quite quickly.

The tram was an interesting experience. Because the pathway to the tram up was built in 1888, so it was I guessed built in the easiest way possible – Up. So the whole tram tilts at around 25 degrees and some parts was almost 45 degrees. It made everything outside look tilted when in fact it was us that were tilting.

I did not tilt the camera

We then went to Madame Tussauds. It was my 2nd time at Madame Tussauds. The first time it was in Singapore when they came for a few months. I think I was only 9 then? I’ll let the pictures do the talking (some pics are in either Summer or boss’s camera so I can’t put them up yet).

Me with MM Lee

We also went into this Scream thing where the staff actually told you that the staff inside will run around you but not touch you. It makes things less scarier but I screamed anyway coz it was fun. hahaha. You don’t get the chance to scream anyway you like anytime you know.

After that, we went up to the Peak’s Tower!! And man, it was cold up there but the view was fantastic!! I wished I had a good SLR or something to capture the view. You could see almost the whole of Hong Kong Island! ๐Ÿ™‚

Went to Mong Kok, had dinner with Summer and Ainee and then we shopped till about 12mn then walked back to our hotel.

Char Siew with noodles. YUMMY

I shared a big room with Summer and Ainee and we had a sitting room with 2 rooms and a bath room. And because one of the rooms were quite far from the other, we decided not to use that room and so I took the cushions from the sofa in the sitting room to the bedroom with the double bed and slept on the floor. =)

It was cold though. So I sneezed the whole night. Summer too. Lol. 2 sick persons. =/

Day 2

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3D Map of Chengdu.

Edmund gave me this link to this super cool map of Chengdu. It’s even in 3D! One thing that we didn’t really have when we were there last year was a proper detailed map. Google Maps were rather useless. I wished we had this back then. It would be quite fun to be able to explore new places and familiarise ourselves with Chengdu.

Anyway, I think the map is a bit wrong (do correct me if I’m wrong here) coz we live at the highest floor (6th + attic) but in the map it seems as though the apartments we stay at were very high apartments.

Unfortunately, they haven’t updated it with Tianfu Software Park. I can point out the different buildings there! ๐Ÿ˜€

To be honest though, there are quite a lot of routes and places that I’d forgotten when I was looking at the map. =( One day got to go back and visit.

Hope the places will all be the same and that everyone there’s safe from the recent earthquakes.

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Earthquake in Chengdu.

If I remember correctly, we used to cross this road on our long walk home from work everyday in Chengdu.

I was shocked to hear this piece of news from Huzz. Coz as far as I know, Chengdu doesn’t lie on any plationic plates (I learnt of this info when I was doing research on Chengdu last year before I went there).

Asked my OIC if everyone was ok (they were).

Kinda scared me. If it’d happened 365 days ago, I would be one of the few Singaporeans there.
And when you’d stayed in a place for 125 days of your life, you’ll definitely feel for such diasasters.

Hope everyone’s okay.

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My last night in Chengdu.

So… it’s finally time to return to SG after spending 124 days over here in Chengdu.

How do I feel after living in a foreign country for 4 months? First and foremost, I feel excited that I finally get to return to my homeland Singapore. Main reason would be that I miss my family and friends a lot. I miss living in Singapore. In fact, after being here for 4 months, I kinda forgot how I used to live my life in SG. Quite sad, but yeah.

I also finally understood what Mr Lee, my sec school band teacher-in-charge told me that working for or living in a foreign country won’t be as good as working in your own country itself. Discrimination is quite common here though there are nice people who treats you better after knowing that you are from Singapore. Being foreigners, many locals here like to point their fingers at us whenever they get the chance to. Like at that trip to Jiu Zhai Gou, at this stop where we were allowed to shop for stuff. There were this whole group of Chinese who were very late and I overheard the other group of tourists in the bus saying “It’s the Singaporeans” when we were already on the bus. And over here at these apartments, people have said that “the Singaporean students climbed walls to other people’s rooftop to play” when we didn’t.

It is apparent that as Singaporeans, we are not really Chinese Chinese. This is one important thing I’d learnt. Of course, I’m not saying that everyone treats us this way, but just some of them. I think this is how many Chinese over here in Singapore feels too. :-/

Not only that, I learnt a valuable lesson of not getting controlled by the temper others want you to have. Else you might lose yourself.

Living with 12 other people also taught me some life lessons. Plus some experiences that I would never have gained if I’d never came. It’s very similar to reality TV in a way that many drama stuff had happened.

One day, all of these will soon be a mere memory. I don’t know what will be remembered from this. Probably just the simple fact that we’d once lived in Chengdu for 4 months with 12 other people. Only time will tell.

Looking at my packed luggage, I can’t believe that 4 months of my things are packed inside it. Just a mere 20kg of things…

And the memories left behind, I wished it can be kept inside somewhere.

Like a pensive perhaps. =)

Will definitely miss this place, and the people.

Must learn to let go. ๐Ÿ™‚

P/S: Oh yea, it isn’t really such a big deal living overseas with your friends. It has been an interesting experience. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, provided I get to choose the people to live with. haha. =X ๐Ÿ˜›

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