SAFARI!!! 71st day. :)

Just downloaded the Safari beta version for Windows. And I must say, I’m awed by the design!!! 😀 It looks super sleek and I feel like I’m using a Mac. 😀 😀 I’ll still stick with using Opera (my default browser) for now. If I’m taken away by the features and stuff Safari offers when they release it, I’ll probably switch to using Safari. The downside to this is that not many web pages support Safari.

Visited Mount Emei and Le Shan over the weekend. Quite an interesting experience honestly. Made me want to know more about my religion. The next entry would be about it. 🙂 Still currently writing the entry about it. 🙂

Sunday was Father’s Day and my mum called me so that I could wish my Dad a Happy Father’s Day. Still haven’t bought anything for him. I’ll probably get him a belt. That’s the only thing I can think of. So far, I think I’ve bought the most stuff for my dear sis. Lol. 😛

Still haven’t thought of what to get for the band, SNCO and all. :-/

Yesterday was Dragon Boat Festival. The company gave us each 8 Century Eggs and 2 raw rice dumplings. 😀 Already tried one of the century egg, and surprisingly, the smell of it wasn’t as strong as the ones in Singapore.

Recently also learnt a lot of Mandarin and about China from 2 of my colleagues (who I’m teaching English to). Quite interesting lah. Except that sometimes I have no idea how to express myself in Mandarin, which is kind of sad.

Anyway, I’m still up so late coz I just put my laundry into the washing machine about 20mins ago, and must wait for it to finish washing. 🙂

The more time I spend with you, the more I just want to hold on to you and never let go. 🙂

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Quiz, POTC and 1st month!

Firstly, Happy 1 month anniversary for Huzz and I! 😀

Quiz from Xiu Li‘s site. Second time I’m doing this coz I accidentally clicked something wrongly 🙁 The “friends” portion of the quiz shall be ignored coz I don’t really group my friends as “Best” or “favourite”. :-/

1. Full name: Jasmine Chye Fong Yee
2. Name backwards: eey gnof eyhc enimsaj
3. Were you named after someone: Nope.
4. Meaning of name: Not too sure of the exact meaning but it means something about getting weathy. 😛
5. Nickname: “Ah Girl” (My relatives call me that), Jas, FY
6. Screen name: ::Fong Yee::
7. D.O.B: 28 July 1988
8. Place of birth: Singapore
9. Nationality: Singaporean
10. Current location: SDC Office, Chengdu, China
11. Star sign: Leo
12. Religion: Buddhist
13. Height: Between 155-158
14. Weight: Not sure. lol
15. Shoes size: 6 or 7. Depends on the shoe
16. Hair colour: Dark Brown/ Black
17. Eye colour: Dark Brown/Black
18. Who do you look like: Myself
19. Innie or outtie: Innie
20. Leftie or rightie: Rightie
21: Gay, straight, be or others: Straight
22. Best Friends: –
23. Best friend you trust most: –
24. Favourite pals: -.
25. Best friend of opposite sex: –
26. Best buddies: –
27. Boyfriend or Girlfriend: Huzz (boyfriend)
28. Single or attached: Attached
29. Parents: Grace and Ben
30. Worst enemy: Myself.
31. Favourite online guy: –
32. Favourite online girl: –
33. Craziest friend: –
34. Advice friend: –
35. Lame friends: –
36. Person you cry with: My pillow. I know it’s not a person, but yea. lol
37. Any sisters: Yea
39. Any brothers: Nope.
40. Any disease: Nope.
41. Pagers: Who uses them nowadays?
42. Is your room shared: Yea.
43. With who: In SG – with my sis, In Chengdu – with Jia Hui
44. Cell phone: Nokia 7260
45. Pool or hot tub: Pool
46. A car: Wants a VW New Beetle or Mini Cooper
47. Your personality: Can be sarcastic, quiet, serious, lame, funny and nice. Going to get rid of the sarcastic part of me.
48. Driving: Wants to learn
49. Room: Big!
50. What’s missing: ?
51. School: Nanyang Poly
52. Bed colour: Er, brown? Bed colour mah…
53. Relationship with parents: good.
54. Believe in yourself: Yea
55. Believe in love at first sight: Yup.
56. Good listener: should be
57. Get along well with parents: Yea
58. Save email conversation: Nope
59. Pray: Twice daily
60. Believe in reincarnation: Not sure.
61. Make fun of people: Yea.
62. Like to talk on phone: Not really :-/ I prefer talking face to face
63. Want to get married: Yea. 😀
64. Like to drive: Haven’t decided
65. Motion sickness: Nope
66. Eat stem of broccoli: Yes!!
67. Eat chicken with fork: Uh Huh
68. Dream in colour: Yea. I’m not colour blind
69. Type with your finger on home role: ?!
70. Sleep with stuff animal: Yea. Only over here. I sleep with 2 pandas. Lol
71. Net to you: ?!
72. On the walls of your room: In SG: Nothing. Used to have a map of Singapore but removed it liao. In Chengdu: 2 maps of Chengdu
73. On your mousepad: No mousepad
74. Dream car: VW New Beetle, Mini Cooper, Subaru
75. Dream date: Anything with Huzz. 🙂
76. Dream honeymoon spot: Europe
77. Dream husband or wife: Huzz. 🙂
78. Bed time: Recently, it’s after 12. :-/
79. Under your bed: Nothing
80. Single most important question: ???
81. Bad time of day: After lunch. I always want to sleep at that time.
82. Your worst fear: My imagination running wild in a bad way.
83. The weather is: Foggy…
84. Time: 1010
85. Date: 15 June 2007
86. Best trick did on someone: Haha. Can’t remember, but I liked the one LY,YL and I did to the others on Saturday. 😛
87. Theme song: None.
89. Funniest experience: should be the one on Saturday
90. Scariest experience: can’t think of it
91. Silliest thing you ever said: Recently it should be saying 30,000 in Chinese as 三十千 (literally thirty thousand) when it should be 三万
92. Scariest thing while you’re with your friends: No idea. :-/
93. Worst feeling: Sick. Losing someone.
94. Best feeling in the world: Peace.

95. AND NOW CHOOSE TO DO THIS QUIZ: Anyone can do it if you’re bored. 🙂


Watched Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End yesterday with Huzz, Jia Hui, Mike, Yi Long, Henry, Hwa Swee and Edmund at this place called Fortune Mall. We went to the wrong place coz the driver wasn’t too sure where the place was. Just wished that the instructions were clearer. :-/ But that place is quite nice. 🙂 Walked around before watching Pirates at around 9. Not a bad place honestly. Quite similar to SG’s. And oh, I saw a small ad thingy on “I Not Stupid”, except that the name is different. Quite interesting lah.

POTC3… A bit disappointing coz they kept cutting bits of it. >.< We were eagerly awaiting for Chow Yun Fat’s character Sao Feng to say “Welcome to Singapore” but they cut it off!!!! 🙁 Sad ah. And his character like died within 20 mins? A bit weird. It made his character a bit redundant. Lol. Maybe coz I was tired, but I liked POTC2 better. Though I’ll still get the DVD/VCD in SG when I return. 🙂 The bonus scene after the credits was a bit erm, interesting. =X But quite sad though. Will and Elizabeth can only meet each other once every 10 years. 🙁

Reached home at 12+ am.

Haagen Dazs tonight! 😀
峨眉山 (E-Mei Shan) and 乐山 (Le Shan) tomorrow and sunday. Hope it’ll be fun. Hope that I won’t fall asleep during the trip. :-/

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Random thoughts rants in my head.

Manners. Something very important to have when you’re living with 12 other people in the same place. Unfortunately, not everyone has that. And with that, I would like to point out that even though you’re to “make yourself at home” and that some friends might say, “Why are you so polite? Do you treat me as your friend?” it is still manners to ask before you take something that do not belong to you. Maybe it’s me, because I still ask my sister or mum or dad whenever I want to use something of theirs, before I switch television channels, before I move their things… So I guess that’s why I get a bit touchy when people take my stuff without asking. The worst thing is that when you need that thing that’s taken from you, you can’t find it, and then realised that it’s because someone took it. Argh. 🙁

And habits are something that I think some should change. Even though the apartment IS our home for these few months, we share stuff together. Bad unhygenic habits should be changed and avoided. Also, it is I guess our own responsibility to clean up after ourselves and not wait for others to clean up after you.

What Henry said the other day’s quite true – we clean up after people coz we are the first person who cannot tolerate the mess that they make. But does this fall under the term “initiative” as well? Do we who clean up have more initiative than those who leave their rubbish around?

I dislike buying new shoes. Not only because I always have no idea what design I want the shoes to be (and would get super confused when choosing shoes), but also because of the pain that new shoes will always cause. Even my now-comfy-then-new Converse shoes tore my heel’s skin when I first wore it.

Kind of regretting something I said about 2.5 weeks ago. I always forget that people do change in character. :-/

Guess that’s all for now? Haha. I don’t usually turn so negative, but when you’re tired, everything negative just appears in front of you.


Recently am teaching some SCS colleagues English. Quite a difficult task especially when you are worried that you might say the wrong things and offend them. So I let Henry do the talking =X Coz he has this sense of humour that wouldn’t offend people.

Quite an interesting experience though I must say. Also will get to know more people over here in SDC. 🙂 Yesterday while Henry, one other colleague and I were waiting for the rest, we 3 were talking about stuff like music, computers, school system, and I even learnt a bit of China’s history from that colleague.

On the way back home, we shared this “cab” with one Chinese whose accent sounded like he was either from Taiwan or other parts of China. And since he’s from another company (though not rival company), I got quite worried when he started asking about what SCS does. Lol. I sometimes imagine too much.

But what’s interesting is that he asked if we were from 湖南 Hu Nan or 湖北 Hu Bei (other states in China). For the past 64 days since I arrived in Chengdu, there were people who asked us if we’re Koreans, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers or from other parts of China like Guang Zhou. Only one was right in saying that we’re Singaporeans (coz he knows Mr Ling and Ms Chua). Quite interesting eh? 🙂

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Friendster Photos

Was bored yesterday so for some reason, decided to look at my Friendster photos. When I saw this, I couldn’t help laughing. And I laughed for about 5 minutes straight, till I couldn’t breathe properly, till I had tears in my eyes. 😀 hahaha. (Okay I sound evil)

Then I also told the others (buddha, LY and Henry) to take a look at it, and buddha said, “Wah, evolve from Sun Wukong to TPYS!” Lol. TPYS = Tian Peng Yuan Shuai 天棚元帅 = 猪八戒 “Pigsy”. Lol. He said more stuff about him having two more “meat” on his face and stuff like not to evolve into something else scary and all. I didn’t really take note, coz I was laughing too hard. ROFLOL. 😛

I really wonder why I didn’t notice that change. Lol. Maybe coz we all see each other too often? As in everyone in the class sees each other too often. 🙂 As always, I’ve changed the most. Compare my sec 1 and sec 4 picture, and also my yr 1 and yr 3 picture. 🙂 Henry said I’m the one who changed the most hairstyle, which is quite true.

Many things have changed since that picture. 2 of the classmates have already transferred out, and some of us have already changed our hairstyles. It seems that we won’t be having lessons as a class anymore, because of the attachment and all. Oh well.

Since we’re at the topic of my friendster pictures, lets see…

Taken on National Day 2005. I remember this day coz we went to Wild Wild Wet for the first time with Wen Fang (my sis’s friend since kindergarten) and her family, then I got cooked under the sun and got heatstroke :-/ And many people say that we look like each other after looking at this picture 🙂

Taken after we watched Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire at PS! Everyone looks so young, especially Shamin and Dicky. Now Dickson is taller than me liao 🙁 lol

Terence Teow!! I miss the guy! Where is he now? Miss his conducting!! And also Beatriz, Uncle Jack, Swee Teng, Mei Ling… They don’t come back as frequently already. 🙁

I like this picture a lot. I like this cat a lot coz it’s very tame, friendly and all. 🙂

HS Alumni + Mr Lee at NYPSO’s concert. 🙂 I don’t really like this picture coz my mouth’s open -_-” I remember sitting on the steps for this concert, and sms-ing Guangyi throughout, telling him about the pieces the orchestra played (coz they were similar to SNCO’s repetoire) and the violin soloist.

HS ADDICTION! 😀 I took this photo from the circle seat area where I was ushering. 🙂

Mr Jacomo Bairos (SSO Tuba player)!!! I look short in this pic. Why is he so tall?? At BBQ this year. I told him about my attachment in China and he kept calling me “China Girl” for the rest of the day (he doesn’t know my name).

SWE percussion with Tama Goh!! I remember Uncle Jack going, “Come come, take picture with your 偶像 (idol).” and Tama Goh replied, “呕吐的对象.” (means someone that makes you vomit or something like that) Cool guy. 🙂

SRJC 1A04. I think this was taken on the day the school celebrated CNY. 4 of us in the end went to NYP. lol

The photo that really makes Twin Vampire and I look like twins (except for the height). 🙂 My cousin couldn’t even tell which is me. LOL. Ah, how i miss those times when the group of us woke up early/didn’t sleep to be at the airport to receive/send Reuben. 🙂

Alright, that’s all for now. Got to prepare for EL lessons later! Bye!

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43rd Day.

Wow. Time flies. It’s amazing how already 43 days have passed since I came over here to Chengdu. It seems like yesterday when I was still at home packing for this trip, or when I was still deciding before the exams whether I should go for this or not. And now, here I am! I still can’t believe it really. And the many many wonderful things that happened over here. 😀

And as many might have already seen from my MSN nick today, I currently have a boyfriend. 🙂 A wonderful wonderful guy called Huzaen. I’d mentioned his name quite often around here so… yea. 😀

Honestly, it’s not that bad and scary living overseas. It’s the people back home that you miss more than the place. The daily routines have become part of my life. I’ll miss living with these 12 people when we’re back in SG. Which I don’t want to think about right now. >.<

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Chun Xi Lu…

…is the name of the road that we went to just now. Mike told us that there’s a good HK dim sum buffet restaurant there (recommended by the first batch of seniors) but in the end, we couldn’t find it and ate… McDonald’s. Okay fine.

We realised that the Mac at different places over here do things differently. We were given upsized drinks and fries at the Mac we went to the other day AUTOMATICALLY and over at this place where we ate, the meals were all small sized. o.O Ridiculous is the word. Lol. =X

But anyway, I’d seen the bridge that Wu Chun took pictures from in Cheng Du already. 😀
The 2 pictures below are taken by Wu Chun and we already saw it. 😀

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4 days tour (2 May to 5 May)

This post is long overdue. Be prepared for a super long entry!! Get a cup or something first 😀

Day 1 (2 May)
Woke up super early (5am?), and walked in the dark road to the cinema near our place to wait for a mini bus to fetch us to where we’ll be taking the coach to. There was a spiderman inflatable thing at the cinema top.
Advertisement for Spiderman 3.

Anyway, the coach we were supposed to sit in for 4 days was one of the biggest. Group of around 40 people with one tour guide and 2 coach drivers. The tour guide’s quite friendly and all and he looks really like Sunny Sin. =X But well, when he told us the itenary for the 4 days, we realised that we weren’t only going to Jiu Zhai Gou and Huang Long. The journey on the bus was super tiring and boring at times but the best part was when we saw the mountains.

Learnt a lot from the tour guide about the tribe people living in the mountains. 藏族 (zang tribe). Their religion is a kind of Buddhism and they have these flags all over the place that actually have their prayer words on it and their belief is that when the wind blows, it’s like chanting their prayers out. And placing these flags in different parts mean different stuff. For example, putting it on the side of the road means that they are actually praying for safer journeys for people passing by on the cars, but if you see a bunch of it on the back of a village, that place is actually burial ground for the family living in that village. One flag represents one of the dead. Only the Dalai Lama or some priests can decide the colour of the flag for the family.

Took a picture with a yak (牦牛). The pronunciation for yak in Chinese actually sounds like “furry cow”. Haha. So I had no idea it was a yak until day 3 when we went to a place that sells yak meat (more about that later).

And we went to this place that looks really like an old city. They have Muslims living there as well and Halal restaurants. Quite cool right?

We got a new insight on the old-fashioned type of toilets in China. For the female toilets, it was just a drain with partitions, no doors and no flushing system. It was very weird using these toilets at first as everyone would be able to see you while waiting for their turn outside, but we got used to it after that.
Day 2
Continued our journey to Jiu Zhai Gou. We passed by places covered with snow and understood why the hotel was so cold yesterday.

Upon reaching Jiu Zhai Gou, we took a bus to the top of Jiu Zhai Gou and saw many breathtaking lakes, waterfalls and mountains. We were told that a lake was the filming location for the movie “Hero” 英雄 (starring Jet Li) and the waterfall where they shot “Journey to the west” 西游记.The only thing I didn’t enjoy was that we had to wait for the rest of the tour group and tour guide before we could continue to the next location at Jiu Zhai Gou. A lot of time was spent waiting for the other people and these people didn’t really care if they’re late or not. -_-“At night, we went to the home of a Zang race family. On the way there, our tour guide warned us that if we were to drink the wine provided, we would have to finish the whole cup or it would offend them.There, we were ushered to a big room which was able to fit the whole tour group. One of the family members taught us how they called single men and woman (“se lan” and “se mou”). They also sang us their tribal songs. They barbequed goat for us to eat and also food like potatoes, and a type of barley which tastes like popcorn. We were also given a cup of wine and milk each. Luckily for us, this family doesn’t drink and we were told that it was alright if we did not finish the cup of wine. The wine tasted like those Hua Diao Jiu that is used to cook food.

Yi Long was then picked to compete with a single girl in terms of singing and if he lost, he would have to “marry” that girl and join the family. Of course, all these were just for fun. And the group of us helped him a bit. And he ended up losing and had to “marry” the girl. Lol. Okay. The guys say that no matter what, as long as you are picked, you’ll get married. it’s just who gets married to whose family. Sorry for the mistake.

After the dinner, we joined the group of people outside around a fire to dance. Had fun lah. everyone was trying to learn the steps from the family but ended up running around in circles and all. Hahaha.

Day 3
Our main highlight of Day 3 is to visit 黄龙 Huang Long (“Yellow Dragon”) The tour guide brought us to the source of a river located at the top of a snow mountain for us to take pictures.

Then, we were brought to this huge area that sells yak meat, products made from yak skin, yak horn and some food products made from sesame seed and barley.

We then went to another exhibition hall that sells herbs. It was an interesting insight to the type of herbs and their medicinal value. Next stop was an exhibition hall of crystals. Henry, Yi Long and Hwa Swee bought crystal pendants for their mothers. The tour guide assured us that if we found out that the crystals were fake, we could get a double refund for the product and the tour agency would get a complain lodge against them.

Huang Long was the next stop. The tour guide gave us 4 hours to tour the place. It was a tiring climb for us as the oxygen level was low and it was a 3.5km hike up and another 3.5km down the mountain. Unfortunately, many of the streams, rivers, waterfalls and fountains were frozen due to the cold weather.

At night, we were again allocated to stay at the hotel which we went to on the first night. The wait for hot water was again long, and in the middle of the night, I realised that they turned of the bed heater and air warmer in the room. -_-” It was only turned on in the morning lor. Idiotic. The next morning, only Henry and Yi Long’s hotel room toilet had water. The rest of us had no water to use to wash up.

Day 4
Woke up early. Some guy in the same tour group knocked Jia Hui and my hotel’s room door mistakening us for his family. :S I was quite sarcastic with him. haha. Oops.

Went for a tea appreciation thing at this place where the 羌族 (Qiang tribe) lives. The lady who introduced us and taught us how to appreciate tea is super humourous. haha. She told us that in her tribe, the men stay at home to do housework and everything. And the women give birth and work. And they even hit their husbands to “teach” them. Haha. Oh and they choose their husbands because they are well-behaved and listen to them. And the girls used to get married when
13 or 14 years old but nowadays they get married
when they turn 18. When the guys heard this fact, they started telling
me and Jia Hui that we’re old already.

Then we went to this place where they sell stuff made from yak’s horn and I realised that all the girls behind the counter were wearing the Qiang tribe traditional costume. And they were all married already coz they all looked around my age.

Anyway, it occurred to me that the marriages in the tribal groups around here are not because of love but because the man to be married can help fix the house or help in farming etc etc. I dunno if this is
a good thing or not honestly, but it makes me think that at least the girls confirm will get married.
Saw lots of scenery and the hotel we live in actually is 3000m above sea level in the mountains! So the weather was super cold and all.

The journey back to Chengdu was painfully long anyway. So near yet so far. Why is this place so big? But glad that I’m back here already. haha.
Alright. Lazy to post the pictures, so here’s the link for them:

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The past 6 days.

Finally I can come online. Stupid virus!!! Till now, I am not sure what that virus is. It was suspected to be the Welchia virus but the Symantec anti-virus software didn’t detect it.

So… since more of our friends came, I have been feeling really happy and “high” that I have problems sleeping at night. The first night they came, I made myself “high” (so that everyone will not feel like it’s boring to clean up the place and all) until I woke up around 2.30am, and ended up watching soccer with Twin dragon, Edmund, LiYing, Mike and Huzz. Ended up sleeping at 5.30 (I think; can’t remember). 🙂

Then on the third night, I slept at 6.30am. =X

Seriously, I don’t regret any of the late nights. In fact, I would choose to even sleep in the living room if possible. Honest. But well, sometimes, we don’t get to do things that we want to.

Spent a lot on food recently. Went to this Japanese Restaurant on Friday I think, then on saturday, Jia Hui, Swee, Henry and I to Pizza Hut after cleaning the house and buying stuff for the house (like the bathroom shower head, floor mat, pillows, shampoo, etc). It was quite amusing how we found that Pizza Hut anyway. We told the taxi driver the address for another place, and then on the way there, we saw a Pizza Hut and told the driver to stop. Lol. But well, found a new place in Chengdu to go to anyway. 🙂

Sometimes I don’t really feel like I’m in China. At first, maybe yes, but now, I don’t feel any difference. It’s really like living with friends, somewhere far away from home (which it is anyway; what am I talking about?!)… But well, that’s how I feel.

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The next NKF show, it’ll probably be a flop. Honestly, I would still donate to them, if 1: They would be more transparent in future. 2: Their CEO earn less money. 3: Timothy Cao (Cao Qi Tai) not host the shows. I get put off whenever he hosts it. And the money their CEO earns, its like we’re feeding him instead of helping the patients. Yes, he did a lot for NKF but if he really is a great person, money wouldn’t be his priority and he wouldn’t mind earning lesser money. If they need more donations, the CEO should be the one donating to them, since he has so much money.

My $0.02.

So many events happening… Reuben’s return, Eve’s return… I’ll probably be camping at the airport for the whole of next Fri/Sat. haha. I can’t wait to see Reuben! Miss him a lot! Can finally get to play in the band with him again.

I’m having problems with my Accounting. Help! Maybe I should have taken POA in the past. But that would mean forgoing A Maths and Pure Physics. These 2 subjects helped me a lot with my Java and Computing Maths.

Got my Marketing test paper back. 29/50. Lol. Pathetic but at least I passed. This subject really reminds me of Geography. I can’t wait to complete this module. haha. I’d take Econs anytime. Really enjoyed it when I took it at SR.

Went for a Marketing seminar. I know, I know. I went there coz it was internet related. However, only one speaker spoke a lot on Internet Marketing and he was an Australian so his accent kind of made me doze off half the time. =X I still find the speaker from StarHub the most interesting. Mr Walter Lee or something. Nevertheless, I still learnt a lot on Marketing today. It really reminds me of psychology. No wonder Reuben’s like involved in both of them.

HBP. Can’t wait…

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