Aligners: Week 7-9

It’s the beginning of week 9 now!

Nothing much to update actually as I’d already predicted what will happen at each set of aligners (e.g. where are the rough edges to file, where to put the wax, etc) and it’s very comfortable whenever I put them on. It’s only the soreness of the teeth when it moves that makes it uncomfortable but it’s usually gone after the 3rd day and everything falls in place.

The 5th set of aligners (week 9-10) is also really comfortable except when I put on and it hits my gum at the back. But after that, it’s okay too.

I’ll be travelling next month, so I did some research on what to do and bring. Will be buying some “portable/individual” flosses and thinking of getting a small bottle of mouthwash. I’ll of course be able to brush at the apartment that we are staying at, but throughout the day I hope those will suffice.

It’s busy next few months. =/

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Aligners: Week 2 – 4

Okay! It’s been bugging me that I haven’t updated in a while. Even my bf has been asking me about it and he said that maybe someone would like to find out more about the aligners so I should continue. hehe.

Anyways, after the last post, I’d more or less still lisped a bit, but got better as the end of the second week came by.

Then came the second aligners (week 3).
The initial discomfort came and went within 12 hours, and I lisped a bit again after that. This new bottom aligners has an extra one more for my wisdom tooth (on my left) which was initially a bit odd and made it shaky. However, after the second day it was pretty much comfortable.

I’m more used to the routine of brushing teeth and taking it out. I snack lesser too (but my weight hasn’t dropped much hmph) and get hungry lesser (other than meal times). The only annoying thing that I can think of (if there’s any more cons to write about), is that people always stare at me when I brush teeth or take off/put back my aligners at public washrooms. Like “what’s this girl putting on her teeth?”

I took pictures of my teeth of course, but they still don’t seem much different. My jaw shifted a little at the beginning of week 3 (now they look more proper where the lower jaw is a bit inside) but other than that I can’t really see the shift yet. I googled and people say that they don’t really see the difference till a few months into it but it also depends on how invisalign pushes your teeth.

Thursday will be the end of week 4, and I’ll be going to get my new sets of aligners. The dentist will put in attachments to my teeth as well. Just realised that I should probably get some of those sushi at my bf’s workplace there for lunch on Thursday since I had MOS burger today *random*

We’ll see how it goes.

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Invisalign – Day 1 till 5.

So.. After years of talking about it, I finally got started on invisalign.

I decided to write more frequently about this process to assist others if needed, and also to keep a record of my journey.

Anyways, prior to starting invisalign, my orthodontist went through the whole process of explaining about what is was, and answered questions that I had. To be honest, my main worry was only about the cost, so I didn’t really ask about other stuff (and a lot can be found online actually). So after saving up for it (for a few years too mind you), I just went straight into it.

The first session before it they took X-Rays of my jaw, a few photos (side view, smile, relaxed, etc) and also some putty stuff to get a mould of your jaw. Next session saw them explaining about what to correct, and also the cost.

Third session was after you confirm that you would like to do it, and they did another mould, this time using another mixture. This was the more tedious and unpleasant visit so far, and my teeth was pretty messy so they took about 3 times to get the bottom teeth. 5 mins each where you can’t really breathe with the putty stuck to your teeth :X

My orthodontist is pretty popular, and each session was almost 1 month in between *faints*

So anyways, I FINALLY GOT MY ALIGNERS last THursday.

Basically, they give you a kit for you to keep your aligners, and you change it after 2 weeks.

Here’s basically what happened (to me at least – everyone’s body will react differently to change and have different tolerance levels):

Day 1: After soaking the aligners as instructed (in water only), I put it on. It felt very tight and uncomfortable but the pain level was low. Pain level: 2. I talk with a lisp 🙁

Day 2: Still talk with a lisp. Went to work and I felt like my head was very stress and painful. Head. Because all bones are connected? Pain level: 4. Teeth felt shaky and didn’t want to eat at all. But the good thing is that I can take it out. I let my teeth rest a bit after my food, and then put it back.

Day 3: Pain level: 2. Still talk with a lisp. I figured out the more I talk the lesser I lisp. LOL. And also the more I put it on, it gets comfortable.

Day 4: Pain level: 0? I decided that some parts of the aligners were a bit uncomfortable to my mouth, which may be why I lisp, so I went to observe how my tongue was avoiding some areas while talking with the aligners. I don’t have a nail file to file it, so I used the wax given. Seems to be much better.


It’s day 5 today. My colleague said that I talk okay, and I can’t pronounce properly for “s” or “x” words, but otherwise it doesn’t hurt anymore. Teeth don’t feel shaky.

Will keep updating here as much as possible. Not sure if anyone’s reading but if you are, feel free to ask questions if any.

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