SNCO – Rhapsody in Spring concert (10 Feb 2012)

So much has changed throughout this time.

Can’t remember when it was when we roughly started training for this concert. Sometime around October I guess?

Many has passed through this phase of my life, and many has came into my life.

For myself, through the preparations of this concert, I:

  • Took up cello
  • Got a cajon
  • Took up bass
  • Moved on in life
  • Made new friends that are wayy important in my life
  • Became more open
  • Almost joined Chingay


We used to start having sectionals, to prepare for this concert. Then somehow it stopped, but anyway, supper became a regular activity. Haha.

One of the earlier suppers

I also almost joined Chingay around this period, went for the first practice, but before anything happened, I was told that all A&C members were put to the reserved list. I wanted to fight for it, but to be honest, I just didn’t want to fight for myself any longer. I have been fighting so much for myself so many years, and have been standing up for myself for so long. No one ever stood for me. So maybe, I should start standing up and helping others. Looking back, this was the main reason. Or at least, this is what I feel now.

So many things!

How should I continue?

Anyway, throughout this journey, I made lots of friends, learnt new stuff, my confidence grew towards the drumset. I am definitely still determined to work on it.

Finally it just makes sense about prayer, about how to pray.

On concert day, basically everything just past very quickly. All concert days are kinda special. Magical things happen. You get that sort of bravery that you don’t usually have. All my calmness just went away. Haha. Anyway, I’m just really glad that I have my BFF Javier, Kat and Kenneth with me. They have always been around helping me, giving me advice, and saving all the rubbish that I’d done. Somehow with BFF around, I feel responsible for being the 大姐 but yet, because of the difference in generation, can be young in order to be able to understand him and chat with him. It’s just that awesome feeling. 🙂

I’ve been pausing quite a few times while writing this. I don’t know how to continue, how to turn all these feelings into words.

Throughout these months, I’ve been taking lots of pictures, so, I shall just write some story behind the pictures that I took on concert day, and let it do the honours.

The boys, Lionel, Wilson and Winston. They were chatting about school. o.O Quite insightful to hear them talk. I couldn’t join in the conversation, so I just sat there and listened.

I didn’t know Lionel’s name until after the concert believe it or not. As for Wilson, he has been around since a few years ago. I still remember the first practice that he came for, and we had lunch. Haha. Winston’s Wilson’s army friend, and he brought him to join us. I remember the first time Winston came, and the sound that came out from the trumpet just totally wow-ed me. He’s AWESOME. It’s not always that you get to see talent, and this one, I was afraid to lose; Whether as a friend or player. He looked like someone who you can be good friends with. 🙂

Bummed around and then went upstairs. Found a flower on the Glocks. No idea why it was there as it wasn’t there the night before:

The guy in black’s Beng Lay’s son. Shaun is his name (not sure which spelling it should be). He was pretty quiet all the time in training when he was around. I only found out his name at the end of the whole concert. Haha. Quite nice to see a quiet person smile 🙂

Bad settings and light condition

Ohh, and Weili when she found out Shaun’s Beng Lay’s son.. Haha. Her expression was like 😮 😛

We had rehearsals, where obviously I ran around and climbed chairs to take pictures. Here are some (the rest are on Facebook):

Mr Wu Ee Lung singing. He’s a renowned finger painter from San Yi Finger Painting Society. So glad to have him back again after so many years.

Cellists and Double bassists. The double bass player on the right is actually SCO’s cellist. So cool!

The oboist is called Nikki. He doesn’t talk much too =/

Anyway there was this segment where there’s a little music prodigy who played her violin with one of Singapore’s best pianist. Took this when I went upstairs and saw them rehearsing:

Not the man standing there. He’s one of the sound group member

So BFF decided to have someone put makeup for him. That was the reason why I had to went up to get my camera: to take a picture for him. HAHA

Then Weili helped him put eyeliner too:

Backstage had lots of happening stuff going on, like taking pics with everyone. I was nervous like crap then, but still managed to have loads of fun:

Haha i basically followed Javier up the stairs to take pics for him with everyone. Haha. And he was nice enough to help me take a pic with Winston.

So paiseh my whole face turned red.

Took lots of shots of Javier (coz we were reallly bored). I like this one:

Dr. Ho said the above pic lack an “F”. “Stage Fright”.
Oh and I didn’t know Dr. Ho is a “Dr” because he does music. Haha. Now I know! And he doesn’t show any hint of it as I know we are lousy at music, but he’s not that sort of person 🙂

Then so fast it was the intermission. Took pics with friends who came and said hi:

Kee Chong and a Regent Sec member

Me and Kee Chong. Wilson took this pic. And so funny la, he was saying that we have a huge gap in between which was a bit awkward coz we dunno how else to take. Then anyway, Wilson wanted to have a pic with me, well this one is his example of a no gap picture:

Such a nice person!

Huimin and I

Me, Serene and Carol

Then it was the second half. Screwed up quite a lot. What happened was that I couldn’t find my file. Which turned out to be on the floor next to a drum. T.T Javier was there to cover for me. But I was so upset. Though what done is done.

Kat’s friends who came to support

Bi Neng and Audrey came too!

The rest of the pics are on my facebook page. Not sure if anyone reads this blog still 😛 hehe. Just wanted to keep some memories here for future’s sake.

Had so much fun! I just really wish that the friends who I’ve made on that day, took pics with, even though it was the last day, will be people who I will see in future once again, who I will know better in future. Sometimes in life, you don’t get that chance again, and sometimes you will. I just wish it will for everyone.

Sometimes I think asking to be a person’s friend is just so difficult. But we must always try can’t we? 🙂

Cheers to all. And have a great year ahead.

I miss everyone already.

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SNCO 20th Anniversary Concert

AWESOME CONCERT AND DAY!! I know we didn’t really play perfectly and all, but the high life condition was definitely there, and we definitely encouraged others. That’s what we’re here for isn’t it?

I know this isn’t the best arrangement, and we made mistakes, but here goes:

Hehe. So happy. But I am still going to improve on this and arrange more pieces i hope! 😀

One of our rehearsals. HAHA. I love these guys! Javier, who shares the same birthday as me (I am exactly 2190 days older than him); Marcus, who i actually know from a long time ago just that we didn’t really talk (=/); Lester, who is Javier’s younger bro. Apparently Lester has similar tastes in music as me. Kinda surprising as he’s like 9 years younger than me (zzzz feel so old).

I had great fun with them!! Love my section too! Thanks for all the patience with the pieces!

Anyway, Guangyi also came back for a visit!! And we had Martin and Haowei as guest performers. Not to forget Hansel!!! Haha so happy.

With Audrey and Javier (my new BFF LOL).

Then after that on the way back with Guangyi, Audrey and Martin, while randomly chatting about hokkien terms (花), it let to the words 豆花(dau huay) and Martin said dao huay’s nice and then we went to Selegie Dao Huay. hahaha. There weren’t any seats so GY suggested that we go to Audrey’s place to eat. One thing led to the next and we ended up in their house playing with Rex, eating oranges, dao huay and curry noodles. hahaha. Talked about cosmetic surgeries too. Oh and Tommy was around playing the piano, singing, etc. Martin slept rather early and Tommy ended up chatting with us (he cooked the curry noodles and GY and I shared it coz we were super full from the fruits).

Oh and it was kinda funny how suddenly Audrey blurted out that Martin was lying (o.o) and she read his tweet that said he was eating dau huay with us. So we took this pic:

@AsianMind errr.. where are you? @galovesongs on Twitpic
I know my eye’s one big and small. I’m holding his dao huay lol

I ended up reaching home (thanks GY!) at 1.54am. Latest ever. My parents are usually really uptight. I guess this is my way of rebelling and getting them to let go. My mum actually. Dad was already sound asleep when I was home -.-

Anyway, I’m quoting some stuff Audrey said to me that day which I should really remember:
“Doesn’t mean you don’t have a bf now you are not over him ok?”
“You have moved on to so much more greater things. He only moved on to a china girl…”

Thanks girl! Really my good fortune to know you all these years!! 🙂

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“Marry You” Percussion Ensemble arrangement

I wanted to write my thoughts with regards to an arrangement I did for “Marry You”, based on Glee’s version of it, originally by Bruno Mars.

I really wanted to arrange something for SNCO’s percussion to try out, more because most of the other percussion ensemble pieces are to be honest super boring or nothing most of us can relate to. I wanted to try something different, and also to try out arranging music. “Marry You” is actually the 2nd arrangement that I worked on (the first being “21 Guns” by Greenday but that is still WIP).

Anyway, I don’t intend to sell this, or gain any profits from it, so I do hope that I won’t incur any copyright issues. o.o

Okay. About my thoughts.

I chose to arrange this piece many many months back when I was feeling really happy while in a relationship, and then this Glee version came out. I checked out the Bruno Mars version but still prefer this version to be honest (because of the different voices etc). It took me about 1 month to complete this. The process wasn’t easy, as I am not good at harmonies despite a grade 5 in theory (theory and practical are always 2 different things). Plus I consider my primary instrument(s) to be the percussion and not the piano, or any other instruments. Basically, I am not a notes person. Perhaps this is why I want to learn the cello. 🙂

I wanted to dedicate this song to my then boyfriend. But I am not sure if this is appropriate now. So I shall just keep it for myself or my future husband.

All the mallet parts (other than the chimes) will get to play the main melody as well as the accompanying harmony. This is because I felt that sometimes some mallet instruments won’t get to shine or show in an ensemble. The Glee version kinda allows the different mallet instrument to sort of show through.

To be honest, I haven’t tried it out yet (or rather no one tried it out yet) so I am not sure how it sounds like. Hope it will be nice.

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My Story: SNCO, KK, BB performance at Botanic Gardens (22/2/09)

I learnt a lot during the course of this concert. As a percussionist, my main instruments are usually and most of the time the mallet and timpani instruments but this time, I get to play the drumset! Okay. it’s not the first time I play a drumset during a concert, but it’s the first time I play only the drumset.

For those who don’t know, SNCO (Soka New Century Orchestra), Koteiketai (Fife & Drum Corp) and YMD Brass Band are part of the 3 band branches in the Music & Culture (M&C) branch in Singapore Soka Association (SSA). The other groups under the M&C are the Chinese Orchestra, the Choir, some dance groups etc. There are so many that I may not even know some of it. 🙂

So anyway, we were told last year that we’ll be having a combined performance to let people know that we have such groups in SSA. This is partly to prepare for our recruitment drive coming soon.

When I first heard about the parts & pieces that we were going to play for this performance, I thought I’m in for a tough time. Coz I was the only one left in percussion at that point of time (long story), so I decided that for this performance, I am going to 1) get as many percussionists back as possible 2) improve in my drumset playing.

I have to admit, I was rather slack for the first or second practices that I attended (with regards to this performance), but afterwards, I went to look for the music and basically listened to them all the time until it got to a point of obsession. It’s like, “I can’t listen to other stuff except Love Love Love.”

So when we had one combined and I was told not to play, I basically just broke down and got terribly upset with myself.

I don’t blame anyone else for me not being able to play, I just felt that perhaps I didn’t put in enough effort or wasn’t good enough.

But then again, what I really want was (and still is) a percussion tutor to help me.

Then, I got to know the Koteiketai percussion girls and we went to Uncle Jack‘s place for just one day of help (Wei Fen also came along). That day just inspired me greatly la.

Anyway, I remembered the following week’s practice came by and it was actually a combine rehearsal (I was so doomed) and Wei Fen’s friend, Keith came. Keith’s the guest player playing the bass guitarist and I think he performs a lot outside, so he knew a lot about playing pop songs, where the cymbals must come in and all and he helped me a lot. So I learnt a lot this time from him and Uncle Jack! Thank you both! 😀

Kat also came back from Saudi and I got her and Audrey back!! Happy! Haha. Audrey also brought her friend Lynn to perform with us 🙂 Thank you both Audrey and Lynn! *note to self, send an sms to all of them

Okay, so that was the background story. Now about today.


It rained when we reached Botanic Gardens, as we were all shuffling backstage.

And the culture of Soka is that if you ever have an outdoor performance and it rains, you chant. Haha. it happens for NDP, Chingay, YCF, etc. I’ve done so for the latter 2 kinds of performances and I will never forget about stuff like this. Especially when you see proof that your prayers will be answered.

So we all chanted backstage and it just kept raining and raining until it came to a light drizzle and about 30mins before the performance was about to start, the rain stopped.
How cool is that huh? =)

The performance itself was quite alright. I screwed up a bit but after listening to the video recording of bits that my sis took, i felt it was pretty well done for me. Haha. Thanks to all who encouraged me, especially my dearest bf. 🙂 THANK YOU!

Also thanks to all who came though I don’t really know exactly who, I know some YWD from NUSSD came, my parents, my sis, Huzz, Huzz’s mum 🙂 THANK YOU ALL!

And now, for the pictures. I was the unofficial photographer of the day. The official one was Ji Sheng I believe, coz I realised he was on stage walking around only at the last piece.

Before the performance (Lynn took this)

Me, Lynn and Audrey

The koteiketai percussion girls I was talking about… Erm I only remember Carol‘s name. =x

Weili, Kat, Alice, Shini and Keith. Keith didn’t want his photos online actually but I convinced him to allow me to upload them on fb! haha.

YMD Chief Leonard giving words of encouragement.

haha. Leonard’s son. Haha. He was like dismantling stuff around him.

My sis did some video recordings of bits of our performance (heng she didn’t record my mistake) and I’ll post a link of it when she uploads it. 🙂

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An evening of music

Concert’s over.

I’m feeling physically tired now, partly because of the concert and partly because of the fact that I carried 2 laptops to work today!! 🙁 🙁

Memorable bits:

  • Percussion “mass dance” lol
  • Dr. Ho dancing.
  • Mr Wu’s baton flying away in the midst of our performance
  • The pre-performance chat with Kiwi.
  • The pre-performance slacking with Kat.
  • The during-rehearsal phone call from Uncle Jack!!
  • The during-rehearsal SMS from Chui Ling 🙂
  • My parents at the concert
  • Faith, Hui Yi, Liyin and etc coming
  • The fact that Huzaen was at the concert
  • Vanessa, Kenneth, Nikee, Shazwan, Eng Soon, Shao Xiong, Shirley, Shirley’s mum & Elling coming to the concert
  • Radetzky March encore lol

Though I was kinda disappointed with my performance. It wasn’t up to my standard. Especially the timpani parts. I promise I won’t disappear next time (whether for exams or whatnot) without sorting out the parts first. This was one mistake I made. To have only one month before the concert with new parts isn’t fun at all. But oh well, the concert’s over, no use thinking about it and feeling sad. What matters is learning from the mistakes we made. 🙂

Pictures from Audrey.

Percussion ladies!

Me and Audrey. (I like this pic!)

Percussionists (minus UK. We didn’t know where he was).
Audrey, Me, Kat and Kiwi.

Music theory exam this saturday. :S

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