T’was a bad day today

I wanted the next article to be something else, but I’m feeling so upset and horrible right now that I really need an outlet to vent.

For people who know me, the thing I hate the most (yes hate even though it’s a strong word) is being accused of things that I did not do.

Today, 2 people that I look up to accused me.

I haven’t felt so bloody upset in a while. First I was accused of giving slip shoddy work because of lack of time – which totally wasn’t the case (it was a conclusion after a discussion and we wanted to re-use design because the design was good instead of re-doing new ones); and then I was accused of trying to dig too much into someone’s work process in a bad mood when I was just asking.

Look, do not question my work ethics. I do not do things because of lack of time. Sure, I do have ideas that save time but I did send for approval before going ahead (which was given).

Also, if you have the opinion that I will have a bad reaction to something and you project that thought at me, don’t bloody get mad.

This is pissing me off.

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Let’s take a short break from talking about my aligners to let me vent a bit.

Do you know how I feel right now? Fking disappointed.

I agreed to let you go for a bit of drinks with your colleagues and you came home near drunk, reeking of hard liquor and I had to fking walk here to your place myself. At 12 midnight.

I rushed home from my jam and collecting stuff just to spend more fking time with you because you have your reservist next week. And this is what I get.

How can I not be selfish in future? This is what I get for trusting you.

And yes I will post this. Because I can and because I am not at the wrong.

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How a Jam goes to hell (31 July).

[Disclaimer] I don’t claim to be a very awesome drummer, or someone who is veryyyy nice. Here are just some thoughts about what people should not do when organising a jam.

So a few weeks ago, I actually went on Soft and contacted someone who’s looking for a drummer.

(Sidetrack) As I’m doing a course online on Social Psychology, the first thing that was taught is hindsight bias. Before I look back in hindsight at all these, I shall post my thoughts here.

I had to contact the person twice before I got a reply if they were still looking for a drummer. “But okay, that’s alright”, I thought. Perhaps they were busy.

I got the set list just last week, and they were:
1) Try – Pink
2) Diamonds – Rihanna
3) Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
4) Yellow – Coldplay
5) Rolling in the deep – Adele
6) Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
7) Separate Ways – Journey
8) I will Survive – Gloria

They added another song yesterday: Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

Problem #1: Too long a set list
I raised this issue to them, that usually when I jam, we play about 5 songs, for 1 hour+, unless we get bored, we might think of more songs to do on the spot. They asked me how many songs I can do. So I told them, I can play all the songs, just won’t work on all of them.

Problem #2: Safety
Okay, let me continue my rant.
I know Singapore is a relatively safe country, but if someone tells you that they don’t have facebook. And we can’t have an audience at the first meeting, it gets creepy, and weird. And I am a girl. I may be paranoid here, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Problem #3: Timing
So I messaged them that I will meet them directly at the jam studio. The reply I got was “8pm. Don’t be late.”
Out of respect, I went early to meet Eugene for dinner, and then we went in at 7.50pm.

Guess what time they arrived?
Eight. Twenty. PM.

They took 10 minutes + to set up.
C’mon la. If you can tell others not to be late you at least should be on time too right? I had to message twice to ask where they were (after 8pm) and was only told that they’re coming.

They didn’t even apologise for being late. Thanks ah.

Problem #4: Was it even a jam?
There was a guitarist, a bassist, and a lady.
The lady was the supposed singer.
Suddenly, one shorter guy came in, and asked me about my drum score, and was told to sit down. Whut?

Who was he? I wasn’t intro-ed. I thought no audiences were allowed?

Then halfway through, this girl dashed in to ask for money from the organiser coz of her cab or something. And then she sat down. Again, no introduction.

I found out from my bf that the shorter guy was to be the next drummer after me. Oh so this is now an audition? So who is that girl?

Then suddenly the first lady left, and the second took over to sing. ?!?! No explanation again.

Problem #5: I paid 1/3 of the jamming fees
They booked for 2 hours -> $18/hr so $36.
I was told to pay $10.

Summary: This has been a very confusing jam. LOL. I would conclude that there are some rude people out there. Shouldn’t you be nice and at least explain that it wasn’t a jam? I don’t really care about the money tbh. But just to highlight that there are such people out there.

I’m not sure if they will read this, but I really don’t think I will jam with them.
Shall quit the group chat next week if no sound no picture. Haha.

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Medium – Rare

About an hour ago, I went to MegaBites at NUS to satisfy my meat craving for these 2 weeks (thankfully the food lecture did not have anything about unethical cooking of beef), and I ordered “medium-rare” black pepper beef steak.

To my surprise, the uncle behind the counter said, “There is no medium rare. It’s medium or rare. Do you want medium or rare steak?” He then gave me a lecture on how medium steak is cooked for 5 minutes and rare steak for 3 minutes as well as well-done (7 minutes). I was amused but didn’t want to quarrel with him coz he looked pretty fierce.

I was totally amused mainly because I always order “medium rare” steak at restaurants and no one asked me to choose either one. I wondered if the uncle thought I was challenging him? And the other staff behind pretended that he wasn’t saying anything. -.-“‘

I hope this isn’t how the uncle behaves.

I got pretty confused after that, and FB messaged Huzz to check that I’m correct (he said I was).

But anyway, for the reference of others:
(taken from Wiki)

* Raw — Uncooked. Used in dishes like steak tartare, Carpaccio, gored gored, tiger meat and kitfo.
* Seared, Blue rare or very rare — Cooked very quickly; the outside is seared, but the inside is usually cool and barely cooked. The steak will be red on the inside and barely warmed. Sometimes asked for as “blood rare” or “bloody as hell”. In the United States, this is also sometimes referred to as ‘Black and Blue’ or ‘Pittsburgh Rare’. It is common for chefs to place the steak in an oven to warm the inside of the steak. This method generally means ‘blue’ steaks take longer to cook than any other degrees.

* Rare — (52 °C [125 °F] core temperature) The outside is gray-brown, and the middle of the steak is red and slightly warm.
* Medium rare — (55 °C [130 °F] core temperature) The steak will have a fully red, warm center. This is the standard degree of cooking at most steakhouses, unless specified otherwise.
* Medium — (60 °C [140 °F] core temperature) The middle of the steak is hot and red with pink surrounding the center. The outside is gray-brown.
* Medium well done — (65 °C [150 °F] core temperature) The meat is light pink surrounding the center.
* Well done — (71 °C [160 °F] and above core temperature) The meat is gray-brown throughout and slightly charred.
* Overcook — (much more than 71 °C [160 °F] core temperature) The meat is dark throughout and slightly bitter.


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5 ways of thinking that I don’t like.

For some reason, I just thought of 2 points for this entry and decided to write this.

1. “Percussion is easy!”
I’ve heard this Sooooo many times and corrected people soooo many times that I just want to whack the face of anyone who says this.

If you are a percussionist and you say this, it’s okay.

It’s those who say “Oh I play the (insert name of instrument here) and I want to learn the percussion because it’s EASY!” people that I get annoyed with.

To consider yourself as a percussionist (not a timpanist, not a drummer, not a mallet player), you don’t only learn ONE instrument.

I know I’m anal like this and I think many people who knows me will always try not to say stuff like that as I can be touchy. But I just don’t like it when people think all we do is relax at the back of the band/orchestra and just act cool.

We play solos all the time and when we make a mistake, everyone knows.

I admit I’m not a master of all the instruments but yea.

It’s a percussionist pride I guess.

2. “You have a runny nose = You have flu”
Have you heard of the word “sinus”?

Enough said.

3. “Wow you seem to be so free eh? Doing so many activities during the weekends.”
I don’t understand how people can actually go by their weekends not doing something that isn’t school related. I know, I’m guilty of this back in secondary school when it was either school, or home. But now for me there’s band, orchestra, friends and Gakkai (sometimes). But well, orchestra and Gakkai are considered voluntary activities. I’m not paid for it. I want to do it. If I don’t want to do it, or am really not free to go for any of these, I’ll just not go. School is still placed first, but I have other aspects of my life as well.

I dislike it when some people actually think that I’m very free and comment or make passing remarks like that. I know that I’m not free and I know their logic, but look, I don’t comment about your life and what you do about it right? So don’t comment about mine.

4. Drink -> Red = DRUNK – NOT!
This is the reason why I don’t drink outside. Even though I am wayyy sober than others who look perfectly fine (other than the fact that they’re doing funny or weird stuff), people would ask me if I’m ok because I’m red after a few drinks. Gahh.

Anyway, I don’t believe that we shouldn’t drink outside, but we should know our limits and not drink until we are drunk.

5. “I don’t want to do this (insert name of activity/module/test) because it is difficult!”
This is a kind of thinking that I don’t really like. It’s kind of annoying sometimes, taking the easy way out. If you decide not to do it, then don’t do it, but don’t give a reason like “oh it is difficult!” or “Cannot lah too difficult!” I rather you don’t like it. It’s a weird way of mentality to me. There are always better reasons than the one reason that it is too difficult. =/

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Of Chengdu and my plate of thoughts.

Seriously emotional blog entry. Avoid if you don’t want to hear me.

Went to Pierce Sec for POP rehearsal today. Was assigned the Glocks part. Made a new friend, Hui Xian from Pierce Alumni. =)

Had lunch with Shamin and Dickson.

Had another OPP Gathering today.

Was supposed to be a picnic to celebrate all our birthdays, but the plan failed becuase we (I said “we” because we were really too busy, I understand yea?) were all too busy and all.

*Okay, I know this sounds emo*

Henry couldn’t come because today was his commissioning.
HS had a navy exercise today.
Jia Hui had something on.
Madeline went overseas.
Li Ying was not feeling well.

So there were the 7 of us left. Huzz, Edmund, Vernon, Teck Hwee, Yi Long, Yan Qin and me.

While waiting for the movie to start, saw Kai Li.

Watched Monsters vs Aliens. Haha. Love the CG!!! It’s just awesome that so many scenes are so life like. 🙂 And there were some really funny scenes that are pretty lame (in a good way). 😀 Made me happy la.

Then we went to squeeze around at the PC Show, and I saw Vernon Loh. It’s like I turned my head right and there he was. Oh and also saw Kai Li and Hui Wen.

Went to Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe and the food variety was limited, but quite okay, though the service there was seriously bad.

Firstly, Huzz ordered a side dish that was never recorded, and after the waiter recorded it down, it never arrived. )(!@)&@*

Then, this waitress who came to collect our bill behaved in a super “I don’t want to work here” attitude. I wanted to ask her what her problem was when she asked if I wanted to use my card to deduct points. Hello?! If I don’t understand can’t you explain?

I know why my photos look like crap already. It’s the settings! Believe me, the pictures above without photoshop were seriously scary. I suddenly understood why my pictures didn’t need much photoshopping all of a sudden a few weeks back. Haha.

I had “Fermented Chicken Rice”. I thought what “fermented chicken”. It’s actually fermented beancurd with chicken! It’s pretty much what I like though 🙂

After all that, we headed for home. As we were walking along City Link, I saw cousin Alvin! Haha.
Vernon, Edmund and I travelled back on the NEL and Vernon was sharing with us our thoughts about that first dinner when he reached Chengdu, and we 3 talked about the things we did there. haha. 🙂 Pretty insightful.

I miss Chengdu.


*turns PMS mode on*

If you think you would rather compromise friendship by being bothered because we were being honest with you, because we are not fake, because we don’t pretend like others to say how nice your ____ is, then fine with me.

Btw, I only speak my mind ONLY after I feel that you won’t be childish like this.

Too bad for me.

I’m sorry but sometimes, I don’t think I want to take shit from people anymore. People who only want attention. This is so freaking childish and secondary school. You are not a secondary school kid anymore.

And for those who know me well enough to see me posting this here, I am seriously pissed and it’s not only because of PMS, but because I seriously had enough.

Being nice always makes me feel guilty. I’ve had enough.

*turns PMS mode off*

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Random thoughts rants in my head.

Manners. Something very important to have when you’re living with 12 other people in the same place. Unfortunately, not everyone has that. And with that, I would like to point out that even though you’re to “make yourself at home” and that some friends might say, “Why are you so polite? Do you treat me as your friend?” it is still manners to ask before you take something that do not belong to you. Maybe it’s me, because I still ask my sister or mum or dad whenever I want to use something of theirs, before I switch television channels, before I move their things… So I guess that’s why I get a bit touchy when people take my stuff without asking. The worst thing is that when you need that thing that’s taken from you, you can’t find it, and then realised that it’s because someone took it. Argh. 🙁

And habits are something that I think some should change. Even though the apartment IS our home for these few months, we share stuff together. Bad unhygenic habits should be changed and avoided. Also, it is I guess our own responsibility to clean up after ourselves and not wait for others to clean up after you.

What Henry said the other day’s quite true – we clean up after people coz we are the first person who cannot tolerate the mess that they make. But does this fall under the term “initiative” as well? Do we who clean up have more initiative than those who leave their rubbish around?

I dislike buying new shoes. Not only because I always have no idea what design I want the shoes to be (and would get super confused when choosing shoes), but also because of the pain that new shoes will always cause. Even my now-comfy-then-new Converse shoes tore my heel’s skin when I first wore it.

Kind of regretting something I said about 2.5 weeks ago. I always forget that people do change in character. :-/

Guess that’s all for now? Haha. I don’t usually turn so negative, but when you’re tired, everything negative just appears in front of you.


Recently am teaching some SCS colleagues English. Quite a difficult task especially when you are worried that you might say the wrong things and offend them. So I let Henry do the talking =X Coz he has this sense of humour that wouldn’t offend people.

Quite an interesting experience though I must say. Also will get to know more people over here in SDC. 🙂 Yesterday while Henry, one other colleague and I were waiting for the rest, we 3 were talking about stuff like music, computers, school system, and I even learnt a bit of China’s history from that colleague.

On the way back home, we shared this “cab” with one Chinese whose accent sounded like he was either from Taiwan or other parts of China. And since he’s from another company (though not rival company), I got quite worried when he started asking about what SCS does. Lol. I sometimes imagine too much.

But what’s interesting is that he asked if we were from 湖南 Hu Nan or 湖北 Hu Bei (other states in China). For the past 64 days since I arrived in Chengdu, there were people who asked us if we’re Koreans, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers or from other parts of China like Guang Zhou. Only one was right in saying that we’re Singaporeans (coz he knows Mr Ling and Ms Chua). Quite interesting eh? 🙂

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